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To whom it may concern,

I have recently attempted to configure The PIC driver in RS-Linx on a Windows 2000 laptop. I know of the issues in the past with this and I have attempted to install the patch available from rockwell. Can anyone spare any insight into this?? Basically the error I receive is Failed to swap driver in. Please help!!

Alan Rimmington

Ensure that RSlinx is not running as a service... use "RSlinx launch control panel" to turn off running as a service, start RSlinx using the RSlinx icon and the PIC driver should work.



Versions of RSLinx that could use that patch are long out of date. You should acquire the current version of RSLinx, delete your existing
installation, and install the new version.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida

Patrick Beckett

Dear Jon,

I had to download a driver for the PIC as RSLinx does not support Windowss 200 and the PIC out-of-the-box. Now when I use the PIC driver RSLinx swaps out the COM port driver, uses the PIC driver, and swaps back in the COM port driver when RS Linx shuts down.

Search for 'rslpicw2k.exe' on the Rockwell Software website.

Patrick Beckett

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I have been talking to an S.I. about the same problem. He tells me that apparently Rockwell sell a direct replacement cable which can plug into a PCMCIA card if you have one.

Pete Theobald

I have had similiar problems and found that the only way to cure the problem was to uninstall RSLinx and install RSLinx Version 2.40.01.(downloadable from the Rockwell website) Since then I have had no problems.
Are you using the latest version of RSLinx? I am using 2.40.00 and am able to use the PIC driver on my dell laptop. We did have a problem with an earlier version of RSLinx and the PIC driver that was fixed in this version.