AVEVA Partners with Software Company OEG to Further Develop Industrial Remote Learning

January 21, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

AVEVA and OEG are partnering to provide remote learning opportunities for industrial software users.

Experts agree that education remains critical for the future of manufacturing and major industrial players such as Honeywell, who are actively developing more advanced, effective options for industrial training. AVEVA and OEG recently announced their partnership focused on industrial training.

AVEVA is a global leader in industrial software with solutions for planning, operations, engineering, monitoring, and asset performance. With headquarters in Cambridge, UK, they have 16,000 customers in 40 countries across the world. AVEVA has previously partnered with well-known companies such as Microsoft and Schneider Electric to enhance their offerings and serve their customers better. 


A graphic showing the OEG (Operations Excellence Group). Image courtesy of AVEVA


OEG (Operations Excellence Group) is also deeply involved in industrial education. Their specialties include a powerful learning platform that supports its customers as they build and maintain educational resources specific to their operations and industry. 

Together, AVEVA and OEG develop a comprehensive solution for cloud-based, on-demand experiential courses for industrial operators. 


OEG Knowledge Library

OEG’s Knowledge Library already contains an extensive set of presentations, videos, animations, images, procedures, and documents to support process operator training. 

Using the tools they provide, customers can create learning assets (including assessments) to fit their organization’s needs. OEG’s 3D remote learning content will be integrated with AVEVA’s Unified Learning package to provide powerful new remote learning solutions.


The OEG Knowledge Library contains extensive industrial education materials and is available as a mobile app to take their coursework with them. Image courtesy of OEG.


OEG already supports in-person, e-Learning, mobile, and blended education, making them an ideal partner for the support of remote training and education. It also allows organizations to use the knowledge from their subject matter experts to develop learning materials that can be shared, tracked, collaborated on, and easily distributed to users.


AVEVA Unified Learning

Unified Learning is an AVEVA educational design and development solution that combines simulation and assessment to ensure that users attain the competency needed in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and power. 

Another AVEVA product involved in this partnership is Experience: a cloud-based training system with high-resolution (1920x1080) videos that allow users to perform exercises in the AVEVA E3D environment. 

Since this system is cloud-based, there is no need for users to install special software, all they need is a browser.


Helping Industrial Workers

This partnership is promising for industrial workers who still need access to training during shutdowns, quarantine, isolation, and other complications during this global pandemic. For example, AVEVA states that this system reduces learning time by 40% and increases knowledge retention by 7x. In addition, it supports not just learning but also practice, assessment, tracking, and managing both progress and competency. 


AVEVA's Unified Learning platform. Video courtesy of AVEVA.


When combined with the 3D learning content from OEG, users will sharpen existing skills and gain new skills through effective simulations. Once the pandemic is over, they will be able to return to a less restrictive work environment with up-to-date knowledge.

With the health risks and issues already posed by COVID-19, learning and training have become even more complicated for industrial workers. However, the partnership between AVEVA and OEG may keep workers safe while receiving the experiential training they need to stay sharp on a dangerous job.