Acquired Data Solutions Aims to Bridge the Gap Between IT and OT with Latest Cyber Resilient Solutions

May 19, 2021 by Maddie Bradshaw

Control Automation recently connected with Steve Seiden, CEO of Acquired Data Solutions, to learn more about the company's latest solutions.

It’s no secret that there’s a significant skills gap in the manufacturing and automation industry. With the rise of IIoT and Industry 4.0, technology seems to be advancing at a rapid rate. There are many companies, large and small, trying to keep up with these advancements. 

Control Automation recently discussed this with Steve Seiden, founder and CEO of Acquired Data Solutions (ADS). 

“There’s a growing need for more traditional engineers who understand cybersecurity and IT,” Seiden mentioned when discussing the skills gap.


Acquired Data Solutions

Acquired Data Solutions was established in 1997. The company specializes in test and evaluation solutions in engineering, including critical infrastructure, automation, test and measurement, and cyber resiliency. They provide these solutions to various industries, including government agencies and the industrial sector. 


A graphic showing the work that ADS does for clients in industrial and government sectors. Image used courtesy of Acquired Data Solutions


“One of the areas we’ve seen really grow up is operational technology,” Seiden added. 

Seiden mentioned that when working with operational technology (OT), it directly relates to control systems. He explained that most engineering companies aren’t usually too involved with IT and cybersecurity, while most IT companies in this space don’t have the engineering knowledge needed. 

“We’ve taken over this middle swim lane of trying to be the IT for the OT.” Seiden said.  

Their overall goal is to help clients manage and streamline their manufacturing processes. In the last year, Acquired Data Solutions has continued expanding its cybersecurity capabilities and measurement with new products like the Blade Risk Manager and CMMC Compliance


Blade Risk Manager and CMMC Compliance

The Blade Risk Manager is an automated risk analysis and measurement product. The product is powered by KDM Analytics, and it is designed to provide OEMs and other clients with an entire view of their cybersecurity risks. 

This product utilizes an extensive cybersecurity knowledge base and AI technology to automate risk analysis within the systems. 

According to the brochure on the ADS website, “BRM solves this by automatically, systematically, and comprehensively identifying multi-stage attacks and application vulnerabilities regardless of platforms, assets, systems, or sub-systems.” 


The Blade Risk Manager's interface. Image used courtesy of Acquired Data Solutions


The Blade Risk Manager is also equipped with the following features: 

  • Automated risk distribution
  • A customizable knowledge base 
  • Supports various system diagrams 
  • Provides error reporting based on automated import validation 


In addition to the Blade Risk Manager, ADS also has a security standard called the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). This security standard helps partners and clients win a government contract. There are many steps involved with government contracts, especially when it comes to cybersecurity risks. This certification is designed for certified independent third-party organizations to perform and conduct audits and inform risk.


The ADS Cyber Resilience Suite showing the capabilities of the CMMC Compliance tool. Image used courtesy of Acquired Data Solutions


This product comes at a critical time. The risk for cybersecurity attacks on industrial control systems is higher than ever. ADS is hopeful that these latest cybersecurity solutions will help clients better secure their systems and data from an attack. 


Other Company Initiatives

ADS has been working on many products that aim to protect clients and companies from a cyberattack. In addition to this work, they’ve also been working with On-Ramps To Careers, a company that helps young students gain interest in technology and STEM.  

Recognizing the need to address the skills gap early on, ADS created a six-week program called “T.E.A.M.S.” (Technology, Economics, Arts, Marketing, Socializing). This program aims to address the specific skills that young students need to complement their academics in STEM.

ADS is hopeful that this partnership program will help develop the next generation of young engineers in the workforce. 

Through its initiatives with new products and working with the youth, ADS hopes to continue driving innovation in automation, manufacturing, and cybersecurity.