Tektronix Debuts New Testing Products to Keep Up with Supply Chain Demands

September 30, 2021 by Ben Stepanian

Learn about Tektronix's latest solutions and how could they help engineers combat the global chip shortage and other supply chain demands.

In the midst of a global chip shortage, it can be difficult for OEMs to keep up with the demand of the supply chain. Tektronix recently debuted the latest version of their own asset management software and launched a new parametric test system designed to help speed up supply chain capabilities. 

Tektronix, Inc. recently announced their latest version of the popular cloud-based asset management software, CalWeb

Tektronix provides measurement and monitoring solutions for various industrial sectors. Calibration techniques in test and measurement operations can be very complex. Tektronix designed these new updates to help engineers, especially when ease of industry supply chain is necessary. This software may allow manufacturers to maintain their tools much more efficiently and speed up the validation process of design. 


CalWeb Tool Management Features 

CalWeb can allow clients to view their calibration and maintenance histories of equipment and supporting documents in one location. Users can secure and save this data from any computer or mobile device. Some of the new features include CalWeb’s ability to print barcodes to tag equipment and connect them to certain database variables. Customers may then use a smartphone or barcode scanner to access calibration history, certifications, repair history, and other relevant information in real-time.


The CalWeb software interface. Image used courtesy of Tektronix


Another new feature includes REST API integration. CalWeb's REST API allows users to interface with an in-house IT system easily. The new report generating tool provides online access, so engineers no longer have to handwrite this data, making it easier to customize and download reports. Additionally, the company added an automatic notification system that notifies the operator when the tool is due for calibration. In addition to this new asset management software, the company has also just released a new parametric test system. 


Parametric Test System

In the midst of a global chip shortage, which is placing strain on supply chains for the automotive, aerospace, and semiconductor industry as a whole, Tektronix has also developed a new Semiconductor testing software. 


The new S530 Parametric Test System. Image used courtesy of Tektronix


This new software, called the KTE V7.1, was released to run on Tektronix Keithley S530 Series Parametric Test System. The KTE V7.1 version includes a new parallel test capability and high-voltage capacitance test option for upcoming power and wide bandgap applications. KTE V7.1 promises to reduce test times by more than 10% over previous versions, allowing engineers to decrease downtime and increase the production rate of chips.


More Key Features 

Chips with higher switching speeds and more efficient switching are in high demand. Greater efficiency not only saves energy and heat, but it is also better for the environment. Engineers are going from the R&D lab into the manufacturing facility to test these wide bandgap devices at higher operating voltages. 

With the introduction of KTE V7.1, the high voltage capacitance voltage (HVCV) combines the industry's only single-pass testing solution. This solution can measure between 200 and 1000 volts, enabling capacitance testing up to 1100 V DC.

The S530 is now equipped with a strong parallel test option, expected to enhance productivity and decrease testing costs by 30 percent. Keithley's parallel test software is designed to maximize the efficiency of system resources. It is based on the S530's unique hardware design, which allows up to eight high-resolution SMUs to connect to any test pin through any fully Kelvin port/row in the system.

Tektronix is hopeful that these new components will allow engineers better access critical data and help with PCB testing more accurately.