ABB Expands Intelligent Energy Monitoring and SaaS Capabilities

December 15, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

ABB sets out to reinvent building and facility management with new energy monitoring and software as a service (SaaS) systems.

ABB’s EDCS and InLine II

ABB released its new integral Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS) and InLine II fuse switch disconnector solution. Users can monitor energy usage by using ABB’s ITS2 technology. Users can implement this software into existing fuses that ABB provides. 


ABB's EDCS software interface. Image courtesy of ABB


The ITS2 software hopes to enable better connectivity between devices used in energy systems. ABB also released its new InLine II fuse switch disconnector that is designed to cut down installation time. 


New Cloud-Based and Sensing Capabilities

Cloud-based services today are becoming more readily available as a choice for data collection and transfer. Cloud-based data storage allows a building’s energy usage to be monitored in real-time.

Alerts are set up within the software to notify the user when power reaches certain limits that can be preset. This feature is designed to enable a safer system. Users may save time and costs by being aware of anomalies and unorthodox energy parameters before the system is overloaded.

The ITS2 offers sensing capabilities such as current, voltage, power, energy consumption, and temperature for conventional devices in commercial or industrial buildings. 

Jorge Lis, global product group manager for ABB’s switches and fuse gear, mentioned, “Integrating our compact ITS2 energy monitor into switches and fuse gear equipment makes the process clean and simple – that’s why ABB leads the way in digitalization.”


InLine II Fuse Switch Disconnector

These new disconnectors can run the ITS2 software and aim to enable safer function and current control. 

The ITS2 connects to the EDCS via gateway and uses software (SaaS) to enable intuitive control and data accessibility. This fuse switch utilizes a Modbus remote terminal unit that leads to a gateway to transfer energy data. 


The ITS2 Fuse Switch Disconnector. Image courtesy of ABB


Devices capable of linking to ABB’s EDCS  include the Emax 2 or Tmax XT circuit breaker, the TruONE Automatic Transfer Switch, or any other ABB Ekip UP digital units.

 ABB claims that setting up the ITS2 software can be completed in less than two minutes. 

Having the means for close energy data monitoring can enable the optimization of electrical networks. ABB announces these products for users to have the capability to view an entire system down to its devices.