AMETEK MOCON Releases New Package Integrity Testing System

December 07, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

AMETEK MOCON launched the Dansensor Lippke 5000, a package integrity system designed especially for demanding regulations and standards of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

The Dansensor Lippke 5000 allows users to achieve precise, definable test conditions that are reproducible, all of which are critical factors related to industrial and federal regulatory compliance for packaging.


The Dansensor Lippke 5000. Image courtesy of AMETEK MOCON.


AMETEK MOCON is an industry leader in developing package testing and gas permeation instruments. Their latest product launch is the Dansensor Lippke 5000 package integrity testing system for various package types. 


The Dansensor Lippke 5000

The AMETEK MOCON Dansensor Lippke 5000 can perform leak, burst, bubble, and creep (including creep to fail), and combined tests, all in either a laboratory or production environment. Users can perform the tests on semi-rigid and rigid packages over a pressure range of 1 - 5 bar. This includes both porous and laminated foils commonly used in the medical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. 

The Dansesnor Lippke 5000 package integrity testing system supports various standard test methods that include ISO 11607, ASTM F-1140, ASTM F-2095, ASTM F-2054, and ASTM F-2096, as well as enabling compliance with 21 CFR, part 11 for data security.


The Dansesnor Lippke 5000 provides critical test data related to packaging that can be shared or automatically summarized in PDF reports and informative charts. Image courtesy of AMETEK MOCON.


The Dansensor Lippke 5000 has an intuitive graphical user interface on a newly designed touch screen. The system design makes it easy to install and to clone units for consistent testing. It includes USB ports to support options such as a barcode scanner, label printer, and keyboard.

It also offers graphical test results, test reports in PDF format, and the ability to interface with an SQL database. All data can be exported to a CSV file, and it can store data from 1 million tests. In addition to the USB ports, it also supports communication via RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s via either a DHCP client or fixed IP. 


Industry First Test Head

One of the features that sets the Dansensor Lippke apart from other package integrity systems involves its test head. It is the industry’s first test head that has the sensor probe located within the needle. By integrating the sensor probe and needle, the system provides more accurate results. 

The pressure is far more controlled during the testing process, making tests for burst, leak, and creep much more accurate. Controlled pressure regulation can also lead to shorter filling times and less danger of overshoots. Finally, the integrated needle and sensor also improve the consistency and sensitivity of the tests performed using this system.


Compliance with Industry Standards

The use of package integrity systems such as the Dansensor Lippke 5000 from AMETEK MOCON allows packaging manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with critical ASTM and ISO standards (especially those related to the food, drug, and medical industries).

This new product also allows users to manufacture high quality, competitive products. This particular product includes several definite improvements over older models in the Dansensor portfolio and promises the additional versatility needed in industries where reliable package testing is vital.