Mitsubishi Electric Automation Releases Servo Drive Packages

August 12, 2022 by Shawn Dietrich

Mitsubishi Electric recently announced the release of three new servo motion control packages, easing the strain on customers to select individual components for the creation of a custom motion system.

Mitsubishi Electric, a leader in automation and electrical systems across many industries, recently announced three new servo motion control packages in compact, basic, and pulse configurations. This system allows end customers and integrators to complete projects with fewer custom-designed systems combining various controller, motor, and drive systems into a single unique package for each application.


Mitsubishi Economy Solution servo bundles

Mitsubishi offers a wide array of PLC, controller, and servo motor options. Image courtesy of Mitsubishi


Economy Solutions - Servo Motion Packages

The economy solutions servo motion bundle product family offered by Mitsubishi focuses on providing integrators and machine builders with servo and motion control packages that are pre-configured and easy to control from virtually any PLC on the market.

The solution bundles come in three different variants; compact, basic, and pulse. All three variants offer pre-configured components to ensure compatibility and sample programs to speed up integration. Building compatible servo systems with motion control can be very complicated and programming mix-n-match servo systems with third-party PLCs can be even more complicated. Mitsubishi hopes to alleviate some of the pain with the design and programming of servo motion systems with their servo motion packages


Synchronized servo motion

Synchronized motion with the TSN motion controller and PLC. Image courtesy of Mitsubishi


Economy Servo Package - Compact Motion

The compact package makes use of Mitsubishi’s new FX5 Motion Module, FX5 PLCs, and J5/JET drives and motors. This solution is capable of being configured to drive motors up to 7.0 kW (over 9 HP) and utilizes the CC-Link IE TSN network. The TSN network is a time-sensitive network that ensures servo commands sent over an industrial ethernet network are received in a timely manner. The programming of this motion controller utilizes PLCopen function blocks so that third-party PLCs can easily control these servos. The drives are IoT capable with a built-in web server and advanced motion controls. The compact family also supports up to 8 synchronized axis per module and up to 4 modules per PLC can be utilized at one time.


Standalone servo motion

Standalone (networked) system of motion with servo and synchronous motor drives. Image courtesy of Mitsubishi


Economy Servo Package - Basic Motion

The basic family of motion systems was designed with a priority of price in mind. The pre-configured options make use of CC-Link ethernet communications and the PLCopen function block library similar to the Compact family. Each module can support up to 16 axes without synchronization and is best suited for small systems requiring medium performance. The basic motion controller can also link any CC-Link IE Field device such as HMIs or VFDs.


Pulse output servo motion

A PLC acting as a pulse train source for multiple servo drive units. Image courtesy of Mitsubishi


Economy Servo Package - Pulse Motion

The pulse package offers the most economical solution. The pulse motion package is designed to work with virtually any third-party PLC on the market today. The communication uses a pulse train to control the servo. This technology is typically found in stepper motors, DC motors, or any device that can be controlled with a series of pulses of a constant voltage.

A pulse train is similar to a square wave signal. The shape of the wave can be changed by manipulating the duty cycle or the pulse width, or by changing the frequency of the pulse. By using a pulse train signal, these servo drives can be controlled by virtually any controller that can produce a pulse train. For example, even Arduinos can produce a DC voltage pulse train from 0 to 5 V.

Applications of Servo Drives

Servo motion control is a great way to move tooling around a machine and perform work on material with a high degree of precision, speed, and pre-programmable control routines. The caveat is they are usually expensive and require detailed configuration with the help of the supplier. Mitsubishi's new servo motion packages are designed to reduce complicated configurations and reduce cost. When integrating automation equipment, most machine builders try to keep the motion controllers the same brand as the PLC, but with the servo motion controllers from Mitsubishi Electric, that is no longer the case.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric automation division, US headquarters in Vernon Hills, IL, is known in the automation world for its PLCs and robotics, but the company offers many other products to support the automation industry. The impressive product lineup includes edge computing products, variable frequency drives, and motion control systems just to name a few.