Baumer Introduces Advanced Heavy Duty Encoders Built for Industrial Environments

April 22, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

Are you choosing encoders built for harsh industrial environments?

Encoders are an important component when designing systems that require accuracy in industrial applications. Not all environments are friendly which means in these situations, only durable and well-built encoders will last in facilities like these.


Encoders and Harsh Environments

Encoders are devices that convert a shaft's angular position into a numeric form. They play a key role in computer-controlled systems.

One common example where encoders are found in commercial CNC systems. These systems use the encoders to provide feedback to the controller. 

Since encoders are quantized (i.e. discrete steps), they have a defined maximum resolution, which means engineers and designers must ensure that the encoder can differentiate angles to the degree they need. Engineers and designers must first analyze all aspects of their application including its temperature, corrosive substances, required life-time, accessibility, vibration, pressure, and radiation.


Baumer POG 10 HeavyDuty Encoder Series

Baumer, a company that producers industrial equipment, released its latest HeavyDuty line of encoders, the POG 10. These encoders are designed to withstand some of the toughest environments including steelworks, cranes, hoists, above-ground/underground mining, and wind turbines.


baumer encoder

The Baumer POG 10 HeavyDuty Encoder. Image used courtesy of Baumer


These encoders are mechanically resistant to vibration and hard shocks, sealed against dirt, dust, and moisture, and electrically protected with the use of EMI protection and powerful output drivers. Most of the range is ATEX certified Ex II 3G / 3D for Zone 2 (explosive environments).

They can operate at temperatures -50°C to +100°C, and include numerous internal electronics to allow designers to perform diagnostics on the bearing. This includes the function monitoring, detection of connection errors already during assembly, and shortening commissioning and error search.


Controlled From a Distance

Depending on the encoder chosen, these devices can be corrosion resistant for use in outdoors, integrated with heaters for operation down to -50°C, and operate at various speeds up to 12,000 RPM.

The output drivers allow for the encoder range to be controlled at a distance depending on the bus technology used. HTL-P can provide distances up to 350 meters, TTL up to 550 meters, and optical fiber up to 1500 meters. 

The POG 10 range of HeavyDuty encoders by Baumer are highly resistant to mechanical wear and tear, can operate 24/7, as well as handle environments ranging from outdoors to explosive atmospheres.

Their wide temperature range, high accuracy, and ability to be controlled from far makes these encoders built for environments where most off-the-shelf components cannot go.