Bright Machines Introduces a “Self-service” Factory Automation Software

October 12, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

To enable their customers to reduce their dependence on vendors and enhance the efficiency and optimization of factory assembly lines, Bright Machines introduced the Brightware Studio software package.

Bright Machines, best known for pioneering innovative approaches to intelligent, software-defined manufacturing, recently introduced Brightware Studio as a new addition to their existing factory automation product line introduced last year, Bright Machines Microfactory and the Brightware Platform.


Common Issues in Factory Automation

One automation challenge is reliance on automation vendors such as system integrators and technical experts to make changes such as adjusting device settings or reconfiguring assembly instructions in response to market changes, customer demands, or efforts to improve the efficiency of assembly lines. It can also be challenging to monitor equipment conditions in assembly lines through a single interface, which can negatively affect reliability and uptime.


Brightware Studio is a new software offering from Bright Machines that supports scalability, efficiency, and flexibility for factory automation. Image used courtesy of Bright Machines


In addition, the ability to customize dashboards, warnings, and alerts related to automation is often limited. Such challenges can extend deployment times and negatively impact both the scalability and flexibility needed to remain competitive in modern manufacturing.


Bright Machines’ Approach

Brightware Studio seeks to address these problems by simplifying automation management. According to Amar Hanspal, CEO and Co-founder of Bright Machines, “Brightware Studio elevates our current microfactory offering with enhanced software functionality that equips customers with the flexibility to quickly respond to changing consumer demands.”

Brightware Studio runs on the Brightware Platform and fully integrates with Bright Machines Microfactory. Microfactory is factory automation building blocks preconfigured to complete common assembly line tasks (e.g., dispensing, welding, screwdriving, clamping) integrated to create programmable assembly lines.


Brightware Studio further enhances the capabilities and customization of the microfactories. Image used courtesy of Bright Machines


Features of Brightware Studio

Among the key features of Brightware Studio is its self-service capabilities that make it possible for onsite technicians and operators to easily make adjustments and review data to better optimize assembly processes. This not only reduces vendor dependence but significantly increases the flexibility, efficiency, and scalability necessary for modern manufacturing facilities to stay competitive in their respective markets. 

Brightware Studio also supports line monitoring without downtime through equipment status monitoring, customizable data visualizations, and tracking performance indicators, along with a unified dashboard that provides diagnostics, warnings, and critical alerts.

In addition, Brightware Studio is designed to be easy to work with because of an intuitive user interface with straightforward controls that require little to no training. Before installation, all integration (e.g., data modeling, data collection, semantic mapping) has to be completed so Bright Machines is ready to work right away.

Brightware Studio is now available to customers on a subscription basis with Bright Machines Microfactories purchase. Combining the features of Brightware Studio with the already successful microfactories is a promising development for managers looking for more control and better efficiency from assembly lines.