Columbia Okura and Integra Systems Partner to Deliver Robotic Palletizers to Brazil

March 26, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

A license agreement between Columbia/Okura and Integra Systems will expand the availability and use of palletizing robots into Brazilian factories and manufacturing facilities.

Many manufacturing facilities find robotic palletizers and associated systems to be an invaluable tool in daily production. 

Columbia/Okura is a designer and manufacturer of end-of-production line robotic palletizing solutions for various industries. The company is a joint venture between Columbia Machine and Okura Yusoki. There are currently 900 Columbia/Okura robotic palletizers installed throughout North America and beyond. This will soon include Brazil, thanks to their new partnership with Integra Systems.

Integra Systems of Brazil (Integra Systems Industria e Comercio Ltda) provides integrative solutions for all aspects of end of production line material handling needs, including packaging, conveyors, and pallets. 


The Columbia/Okura W model high-capacity robotic palletizer will also be produced in Brazil, thanks to a recent partnership with Integra Systems. Image used courtesy of Columbia/Okura


They offer industrial palletizing machines, robot palletizers, and AGVs (automated guided vehicles) to transport, handle, and palletize cargo. Now they will be producing and distributing Columbia/Okura palletizing robots in Brazil.


Partnership Between Columbia/Okura and Integra Systems

Columbia/Okura and Integra Systems have been working together since 2014, but this new partnership involves licensing that will allow Integra Systems to produce in Brazil the complete line of Columbia/Okura industrial robotic palletizers. 

Columbia/Okura may benefit through an expanded market in Brazil, while Integra will strengthen their ability to meet customer needs and compete in their local market.


Palletizing Robots

Industrial palletizing robots are tasked with safely and efficiently loading goods onto pallets for transportation and shipping. Columbia/Okura offers solutions for bag, pail, drum, and case palletizing and multi-line systems and depalletizing. 

Included in the Columbia/Okura product line is the compact Ai700 robotic palletizer with a load capacity of 353 lbs, a maximum speed of 9 cases or 11 bags per minute, and an accuracy of +/- 1 mm. 

For high capacity, the W model palletizer can handle loads up to 770 lbs with the same accuracy as the Ai700. The high-speed model is the Ai1800 which can handle up to 1,800 cycles an hour with payloads up to 353 pounds. 


Note all of Columbia/Okura’s palletizers are large: the miniPAL cobot is a space-efficient palletizing robot designed for easy programming and safe interactions with humans. Image courtesy of Columbia/Okura.


There is also the miniPAL palletizing cobot (collaborative robot), featuring the UR10e palletizing robot. This model is designed for use in tight spaces where interaction with humans is likely. It compact with a load capacity of 18 lbs and an easy-to-use, easy-to-program interface. In addition, the miniPAL cobot is certified for UR+ Application Kits.


Additional Integrated Equipment

Columbia/Okura also offers integrated equipment for automating bagging and packaging. For automatic packaging, they offer the PrinciPac, CertiPac, and AcroPac systems. Bagging solutions include 201FF and 201PS Air Packers, and model 401 Impeller Packer. Pallet dispensers include the 702 Automatic Robotic Pallet Dispenser.

Manufacturers in Brazil may soon reap the benefits of the new partnership between Columbia/Okura and Integra Systems as Integra will respond quickly to customer’s palletizing system needs.