Comau Debuts Latest Software Program Based on AI Algorithms

January 12, 2022 by Sara McCaslin

Comau has leveraged AI algorithms to develop programming software converting human commands into robot syntax to simplify and speed up robotic implementation.

Comau produces industrial automation systems and products, as well as its desire to make automation more accessible. And to that end, Comau recently introduced a new software program that simplifies robot implementation, MI.RA/Dexter.


Challenges Faced When Implementing Automation and Robotics

Successfully programming robotics is a major obstacle for companies ready to automate. Operators sometimes find the programming process difficult and time-consuming.


Comau has announced an AI-powered automation metalanguage to help program industrial automation systems. Image used courtesy of Comau


Furthermore, the process of adjusting and correcting programs is equally as difficult, especially in real-time. This becomes even more of an issue when components and systems from different manufacturers are involved.


Comau MI.RA/Dexter

Comau seeks to minimize programming obstacles through the simplified programming interface provided by MI.RA/Dexter (Machine Inspection Recognition Archetypes). This software serves as a metalanguage to translate the language syntax humans are familiar with into robot syntax. This translation is accomplished through AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms.

The simplified interface and programming language allow users to intuitively create programs by stringing together simple commands for executing a complex series of steps, touching a specific point in space, or looking at an object. MI.RA/Dexter supports voice commands, which can make adjustments and corrections to the program.

Besides streamlining the robot programming process, MI.RA/Dexter also allows users to correct, adapt, and adjust robot actions in real-time with far more ease and less time. This, in turn, optimizes the work cycle efficiency for industrial automation. And it allows users to program industrial technology.


MI.RA/Dexter allows complex robotic programs to be created in a simplified, more intuitive manner. Image used courtesy of Comau


Because MI.RA/Dexter does not require specific competence in either IT (information technology) or robotics; the result is a far more optimized approach to programming that eliminates the need for coding specialists. It can potentially reduce or eliminate dedicated costs for robot programming.


MI.RA/Dexter and the New Fiat 500 Full-electric

MI.RA/Dexter was tested in programming a complex robotic cell used in the testing and control process for the Fiat 500 vehicle infotainment system.

This particular set of procedures is known for being repetitive, long, error-prone, costly, and usually carried out manually. Comau combined a Racer5 cobot mounted on the wrist of an NJ-220 robot in its safe version. MI.RA/Dexter allowed the operator to autonomously manage and optimize the robotic system tasks and increase the test’s repeatability and traceability.

Software such as Comau MI.RA/Dexter not only provides a faster, efficient means of programming for robotics and automation but also bridges the gap for smaller companies without the budget needed to seek programmers certified for robotics or IT.