Cross Company and Doosan Team up to Ship out Cobot Technology

July 19, 2022 by Stephanie Leonida

Doosan Robotics aims to expand their range of distribution and integration of their collaborative robot technology across the states by joining forces with industrial automation specialist, Cross Company.

Cross Company announced in early July its entry into a partnership with Doosan Robotics to help support the latter company in the integration of its cobot technology to the United States in the southeast.

Doosan Robotics is a market-leading developer and manufacturer of collaborative robots for industrial automation applications. The company’s automated machine solutions are suitable for applications including machine tending, inspection, tending, packaging, and assembly.

Specializing in industrial automation technologies and solutions, Cross Company has over 70 years of experience developing and delivering hydraulics, robotics automation, machine automation, mobile systems integration, and process solutions. 


Doosan cobot lineup

Doosan’s lineup of cobots will now be distributed by Cross Company in the southeastern states. Image used courtesy of Cross Company


Choosing the Right Supplier

For companies looking to implement a robotic solution to improve their operational processes, it is imperative to choose the right supplier to mitigate risk, save on cost, and deploy the solution as quickly as possible. Companies can either buy directly from the manufacturer, distributors, vendors, or integrators.

When buying from a manufacturer, companies can come away with the robotic machinery but will have to integrate it themselves. A distributor may sell only a part of the robotic solution, such as a robot arm with no grippers attached, no safety certification, or required programming. 

The integrator is considered the most attractive option for automation and robotic solutions because they take care of the solution setup and installation. It typically means that the solution provider offers consultation services and a range of product packages that require minimal configuration

The vendor option can be more costly than going with the distributor because service agreements may already be in place. The vendor often sells separate parts such as robot arms, sensors, and attachable components. This can provide buyers with a central hub to source parts to create a more customized solution to suit specific application requirements.


Integration and Distribution

For Cross Company, it is imperative to provide customers in the industrial automation space with enhanced after-sales support, through integration services, repair, and maintenance. The company will be representing Doosan in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi. As well as being a certified integrator, Cross Company will distribute Doosan’s cobot technology. For Doosan, Cross Company will serve as a platform from which to reach out to new customers, and in turn, will allow for broader expansion of its products and solutions across the U.S.


Cobots for Industry 4.0 Applications

Cross Company will be distributing and integrating Doosan's latest solutions, including Doosan's lineup of cobot models: the A0509, A0509s, A0912s, and A0912 from its A-Series and the H2515 and H2017 from its H-Series ranges.

The A-Series are designed to be cost-saving and incorporate greater operating speed. The 5 kg to 9 kg payload A-Series models offer integrated safety algorithms for enhanced worker protection, mountable force torque sensors, and safety in line with standards set out by accredited international testing and certification organization TÜV SÜD. The four additional A-Series cobots are ideally suited to assembly and polishing applications.

The 25 kg payload H-Series cobots provide a 1.7 m reach and have six torque sensors (with one situated on each axis). These cobots are adapted to suit automotive and logistics applications.