DOBOT Releases Desktop Cobot for Small-Scale Manufacturing Tasks

March 15, 2021 by Seth Price

DOBOT’s MG400 is a new, small collaborative robot (cobot) for performing small-scale manufacturing tasks.

This cobot is designed to live on a workbench or desk and has a physical footprint comparable to a laptop computer. The MG400 can assist workers with light manufacturing tasks, such as holding objects for specimen handling, loading and unloading, and inspection and quality control purposes. 


The MG400

One unique feature of this cobot is its small size and easy deployment. Weighing only 8 kg (17.6 lbs) and occupying a 190 mm x 190 mm (7.48 in x 7.48 in) compact, and will fit in many small workspace. 



DOBOT MG400 next to a sheet of paper for scale. Image used courtesy of DOBOT


The new cobot is light enough to be transported by one person, and it can be deployed, removed, and then deployed again with ease. It can handle a payload of 750 g (1.65 lb) and reach as far away as 440 mm (17.3 in). 

The setup time for most tasks with this cobot is ten minutes. It can be trained to perform and record and playback walk-through, programmed through a graphical interface, or LUA scripts.

Due to its compact design and ability to work near employees, an advanced and safe collision detection system was developed for this cobot. If it detects resistance, such as a misplaced hand, the cobot will stop its motion immediately. The force of the most severe collision is only 12 N (2.69 lb), unlikely to cause injury, even in the worst-case scenario. DOBOT says there is no need for any protective fencing around the MG400.


Built for Various Industries and Applications

One industry that will benefit from such a robot is biomedical testing. The MG400 can perform repetitive testing on liquid samples. 

For example, during a pandemic, many samples can be tested accurately and quickly, while the laboratory technician catalogs the results. The technician does not have to manually handle each sample and is at lower risk of infection and repetitive motion injuries.



The MG400 DOBOT demonstrating its desktop capabilities. Image used courtesy of DOBOT


Another possibility for this robot is in the education market. This robot is compact enough to be deployed in high school, trade school, and college classrooms and laboratories for performing repetitive experiments and teaching students robotics and basic programming skills. At a retail price of $2249, it is much more affordable than many other robotics products.


Cobot for Small, Repetitive Tasks 

The compact size and portability mean small-scale industrial operations can be configured and reconfigured based on the needs of the industry. A temporary shutdown of a facility or a temporary relocation is no longer a major project. These cobots may even find their way into employee’s homes if they need to stay home for an extended illness.

While it will not manipulate engine blocks, this tiny cobot can manipulate small printed circuit boards to speed up soldering operations or performing multiple medical tests at once. 

Overall, the MG400’s small size and quick programming make it a unique solution to a myriad of repetitive, small-scale tasks.