Aluminum Filter Regulators Offer a Complete, Single-source Valve Piloting Solution

April 06, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

Emerson aims to increase efficiency in the process industry via its new line of aluminum filter regulators that come as part of a single-source supply for valve piloting systems.

Emerson, a company focused on advancing sustainable industrial technology through venture capital investment, has developed a new series of aluminum filters to help manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce machine downtime, and improve worker safety.


Emerson ASCO 641 Series, 642 Series, and 643 Series aluminum filter regulators

Emerson’s ASCO 641/642/643 Series filter regulators. Image used courtesy of Emerson


Aluminum Filter Regulators

Emerson’s ASCO 641/2/3 Series filter regulators offer customers an alternative to stainless steel filter regulators. They are designed to provide the highest flow rates of any filters in their class, allowing more air for an equivalent size of the filter. The filters also serve as pressure regulators and can be used to provide precise pressure regulation downstream of the device.

With the addition of the new ASCO filter regulators, Emerson now has the capability to offer customers a complete valve piloting solution for their specific needs. This means that users have access to solenoid valves, switch boxes, filter regulators, and everything necessary to complete their valve piloting needs from a single source. 


Single-source Solution

Emerson looks to give customers less system downtime because a single-source solution eliminates problems associated with multiple vendors. The use of multiple vendors can increase the possibility of errors in the ordering process. The use of a single supplier is also useful for the initial design and the engineering process.

Engineers can save design time since the entire system works together. There is no need for tedious specification checking to ensure that valve parts from different manufacturers will work in tandem. Engineering and technical support can be found in a single location with Emerson's technical support team as well.


Emerson hopes to provide customers with a more efficient means of designing and maintaining their valve-related needs with its single-source solution. 

Emerson hopes to provide customers with a more efficient means of designing and maintaining their valve-related needs with its single-source solution. Image used courtesy of Adobe Stock


ASCO Series 641/642/643

The ASCO series Emerson offers consists of the ASCO 641, 642, and 643 aluminum filter regulators. As a customizable lineup, the regulators are capable of accepting lines from 0.25-inch to 1-inch and come with a specialized coating for use in harsh environments. With a maximum inlet pressure of up to 290 psi (20 Bar), the regulators can provide an adjustable downstream pressure of 7.3 to 152.3 psi (0.5 to 10.5 bar). Pressure adjustment is completed with the use of a T-bolt handle, and quick relief capability is available.

Global certifications are available for applications that need them, and the regulators come with many different options for specific applications, including:

  • chemical
  • oil and gas
  • energy and utilities
  • food and beverage
  • water wastewater industries

Three different filter capabilities are available, 5µm, 25µm, and 40µm, depending on the application's filtration needs, with a flow rate range from 78 to 370.8 SCFM (2,210 to 10,500 l/m). The regulators are designed to be robust, with both internal and external parts designed with durability and corrosion resistance in mind for use in harsh manufacturing environments.

A safety enhancement that allows downstream pressure relief if supply pressure is lost is available to customers, eliminating dangerous stored potential energy. In addition, the regulators come with an overpressure relief valve, but non-relieving options are available for specific applications.


Process Efficiency

With the use of a single-source solution, Emerson hopes to provide customers with a more efficient means of designing and maintaining their valve-related needs.