Emerson Creates Power Supply Solution Specifically Designed For IIoT

May 19, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

Emerson's SolaHD has created a communication module that brings IIoT capabilities to its SDN-D power supplies to help monitor systems for abnormalities to reduce costly downtime.

Emerson's SolaHD brand has launched a power supply solution that brings Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capability to its SDN-D high-performance DIN rail series power supply. By connecting the new SolaHD Communication Module (SCM) to an SDN-D power supply, manufacturers have a solid base for monitoring the power supply and the equipment it supplies power to. The new combination is ready to drop into most applications and can even be used in older systems that predate IIoT.


SDN-D high performance DIN rail series power supplies (left) and the Ethernet/IP SolaHD Communication Module (right).

SDN-D high-performance DIN rail series power supplies (left) and the Ethernet/IP SolaHD Communication Module (right). Image used courtesy of Emerson


The Cost of Downtime

According to Emerson, unexpected downtime costs manufacturers close to 50 billion dollars every year. The lost productivity and downstream effects can cut into manufacturing profits in a big way. The IIoT has helped manufacturers mitigate some of these effects. IIoT works by connecting and monitoring manufacturing equipment to gain insight into the trends and health of an industrial process. This can greatly reduce the chances of unexpected downtime since abnormalities in the system can be found and addressed before they become catastrophic failures.


SolaHD Communication Module (SCM)

Emerson's new SCM brings connectivity capabilities of the IIoT to Emerson’s SDN-D high-performance DC power supplies. Connectivity helps open up different possibilities for manufacturers who use the device. The combination can be used for condition monitoring, troubleshooting on the fly, and different types of asset tracking while still maintaining its primary function of operating as a high-efficiency power supply. By connecting the SolaHD Communication Module (SCM) to one of Emerson’s SDN-D power supplies, the SCM can monitor the power supply while maintaining communication with the larger plant network.


Remote Monitoring in Extreme Environments

Since the power supply is connected to the plant network and the greater IIoT, operators now have the capability to monitor the power supply remotely, including diagnostic checks. The device can be connected using standard Ethernet/IP or HART 7 protocols. Historical data can be tracked and monitored to help with preventative maintenance and decrease the chance of unexpected failure and downtime.

The SCM and SDN-D power supplies can drop into the same location as existing ones for easy replacement. They are compact and come available in 10 or 20-amp models with 24 Vdc single-phase output. The SCM is DIN rail mounted and can provide the necessary connectivity for one or two different SDN-D series power supplies. Hazardous use applications are not a problem since the supplies come with the applicable certifications for use in such environments.


Monitoring for abnormal conditions can help manufacturers prevent costly downtime.

Monitoring for abnormal conditions can help manufacturers prevent costly downtime. Image used courtesy of Adobe Stock


Reducing Downtime

The ability to monitor the life of the power supply and the trends of whatever is being supplied gives the SCM a unique edge for reducing downtime. Total Turn On Time keeps track of the entire time the power supply has been used, meaning that it can be replaced when its useful, reliable lifespan has been used up, reducing the chance of unexpected failure. In addition, to identify abnormalities in downstream devices, the SCM can help monitor the following:

  • current
  • temperature
  • events
  • event counts
  • event logs

Monitoring these events anywhere, anytime, means that manufacturers have a greater chance of finding faults in their systems and fixing them before they become larger and more costly.


Continuous and Efficient Power

Unexpected downtime can be a major concern for manufacturers, and the IIoT has helped monitor plant processes so operators can perform preventative maintenance whenever necessary. Emerson is helping to provide manufacturers with greater connectivity with its latest power supply solution, which allows users to monitor the power supply itself and the status of the power it supplies to downstream devices.