FANUC Corporation Europe Introduces New 35 kg Payload Cobot

May 23, 2022 by Stephanie Leonida

FANUC announces the release of its latest CR Series cobot, the CR-35iB, stronger and lighter for improved functionality and portability and faster installation.

This month, FANUC Europe Corporation announced the release of its new lighter, heavy payload CR-35iB cobot. This new bot adds to FANUC’s existing CR Series of cobots and brings with it some innovative features. The new lighter weight 35 kg payload cobot has evolved since the previous-generation CR-35iA to shorten installation and improve portability.



FANUC releases its new lightweight heavy lifting cobot, the CR-35iB. Image used courtesy of FANUC


A Lightweight Heavy-Lifter

In comparison to the CR-35iA, the CR-35iB is around 62% lighter (at 990 kg and 375 kg, respectively) and does not have a leveling plate/base to counter any unevenness on floor surfaces. The pedestal (for ground fixing) and the cobot’s soft cover have been removed to facilitate further weight reduction. Pedestal removal allows for height reduction (from 2,288 to 1,855 mm) which ultimately conserves operating space. These modifications can help make installation much faster for integrators and operators, as well as enable easier lifting and relocation of the cobot when needed. In addition to floor mounting, the CR-35iB is suitable for use on motion rails and mobile robots.

All CR Series cobots employ sensors for contact stop protection and a proven safety system (FANUC’s DCS, or Dual-Check Safety system) that monitors position and speed. Third-party equipment can be connected to the DCS for added safety if needed.

Motion, Maintenance, and Control

The CR-35iB has been designed to provide a greater range of motion with its J2 axis rotation of 215°, up from 165°, and its J5 axis wrist swing up from 220° to 280°.

In a recent news release, Paul Richards, the Cobot Market Sales Coordinator for FANUC, Paul Richards, commented, “The 1,831 mm reach CR-35iB can move at speeds up to 750 mm/s while delivering repeatability of ±0.03 mm, making it ideal for applications that include material handling/transfer, automotive assembly lines, machine tending, and packaging. Essentially any task involving a heavy payload that also requires close interaction with human operatives will benefit from the introduction of our CR-35iB.”


FANUC CR-35iB Assembly

The CR-35iB can be used for parts kitting and collaborative workpiece transfer. Image used courtesy of FANUC


When a quick repair is needed to keep business operations up to speed, engineering teams can pass the main wiring harness through the hollow arm of the CR-35iB. FANUC customers can also use the hollow arm to add devices or equipment. With something like a dispensing gun, the pump can be fitted on the cobot’s J3 axis and the supply harness can be fed through the center of the arm. This can help streamline the programming process and improve reliability and safety.

Customers can equip the CR Series cobots with intelligent functions, including FANUC iRVision, FANUC Force Sensors, and more.

The CR-35iB is currently being exhibited at the Global Industrie 2022 exhibition in France (Paris Nord Villepinte, 17-20 May) and at Automatica 2022 in Germany (Messe München, 21-24 June). In a recent announcement by FANUC America Corporation, the subsidiary company mentions that the CR-35iB cobot will be used to help an operator assemble a bicycle at the automation tradeshow, Automate 2022 in the U.S. (Detroit, Michigan, 6-9 June).


Control Automation will be attending Automate 2022, and we are excited to watch and share some live demonstrations of FANUC collaborative robots in operation!