Geek+ Launches Online Virtual Booth to Provide Digital Versions of New Products

November 17, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

The Virtual Booth from Geek+ provides information about products and solutions related to picking, moving, and sorting.

For individuals interested in how to leverage smart robotics and artificial intelligence for their facility, Geek+ has launched its online Virtual Booth.


Geek+ Goes Digital

This approach provides a digital version of a physical Geek+ booth experience, complete with product demonstration videos, brochures, white papers, and a tool called Your Project Designer.


The Virtual Booth made available by Geek+ provides information about products and solutions related to picking, moving, and sorting. Image courtesy of Geek+.


It has been challenging for companies to continue “business as usual” during the COVID-19 outbreak with social distancing guidelines and safety measures that must be followed. For this reason, more organizations are looking for online solutions to customer outreach and product demonstrations. 

Geek+ is doing this with its new online Virtual Booth that allows users to interactively learn about autonomous mobile robots and how they can provide critical benefits, all within a fully digital environment.


Geek+ Virtual Booth

The Geek+ Virtual Booth is organized based on four key issues facing logistics managers: efficiency, flexibility, profitability, and human resources. To address these issues, it highlights the solutions for picking, moving, and intelligent sorting as well as automated forklift systems. 

This includes booth areas dedicated to AMR (autonomous mobile robot) products and solutions such as the Smart Warehouse system, Roboshuttle System C200, multi-order picking, their Goods-to-Person system, and their Sorting system. 

Each of the system areas, in turn, provides informative videos and access to brochures in PDF format. Walking around the Virtual Booth also includes extremely realistic 3D renderings of the products as they would typically be displayed in a physical booth at a convention. 

Also included in the Virtual Booth is a download center that provides access to a wide variety of brochures, case studies, and whitepapers.


Your Project Designer

Another aspect of the Geek+ Virtual Booth is Your Project Designer, an online application that allows users to estimate their ROI and the potential increase in picking efficiency if they implement Geek+ solutions. 

Users enter basic project parameters related to use case, economics, and key project data. Once that is complete, a press of a button will obtain an estimate of how many years to achieve a return on the investment, increase in picking efficiency, and how many Geek+ robots would be needed. From there, users are given the option to provide information so that a Geek+ expert can contact them. 


The Your Project Designer Tool in the Geek+ Virtual Booth requires a minimal amount of information to provide an estimate of ROI, increased efficiency, and the number of Geek+ robots needed. Image courtesy of Geek+.


Users can access Your Project Designer in the Virtual Booth. Additionally, users don't have to provide any identifying personal information in order to access the tool.

The Geek+ Virtual Booth can be accessed for free and does not require any type of login information. In addition, its use is intuitive and not unlike interacting with demonstrations and displays at a physical booth. It is certainly an innovative and entertaining approach to interacting with potential customers at a time when close physical proximity is often discouraged.