Honeywell Aims to Ensure Health of Control Systems With New Automation Solutions

July 02, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

Honeywell Enabled Services powered by Forge, will help industrial customers ensure control system health, performance, and compliance.

Honeywell announced a new integrated service delivery model powered by Forge for managing automated systems. This new system monitors the performance of tools, and systems and can detect what is malfunctioning. Along with system compliance, the system offers prescriptive maintenance, remote remediation, and support to optimize and keep tools or processes running. 

Honeywell’s solution reduces incidents by 40% per year and also reduces the cost of ownership by a net decrease of 15%. Using analytics to keep machines running consistently, Honeywells solutions meet IEC 62443 standards to ensure overall system security.


Preventative Failure Control

Using real-time system data, Honeywell's solution monitors system health and determines operational effectiveness. With remote support, plant managers and engineers can continue t optimize their facilities without constant concern for maintenance or support. This new system delegates solutions to effectively keep operations running. Statistical analysis will save customers money by knowing what the problem is and the immediate solution to that problem. Accurate asset management is a key component of Industry 4.0 standards.

"Honeywell developed the Enabled Services program as a subscription-based service for ICS (industrial control system) users dealing with increasing system complexity, an aging industrial workforce and the constraints imposed on plant operations by global health concerns," said Mark Dean, director of offering management, Honeywell Process Solutions


Addressing Cybersecurity Concerns

Honeywell's solution is a safe option for transferring data and reduces the risk of outside entities from disrupting an industry process flow. Not only keeping systems safe from hackers, but the solution also enables employees to be able to operate and monitor the latest technology with an intuitive interface. An intuitive system will not only prolong the life of a tool or process, but also the health of operators or employees. Analytics also determines the lifecycle of a system which adds to its preventative remedies. 


Operational Customization

Enabled services allow systems to have their own solutions with customizable services and maintenance to help plant managers and control engineers learn the operational limits of systems, applications, or personnel. Letting users define their own criteria will help them find the peak performance of their processes or services.


Honeywell's Forge Cybersecurity Platform. Image courtesy of Honeywell


"Through this Enabled Services offering, Honeywell's experts can conduct rapid analysis and make fast recommendations to solve the issues and be onsite only when necessary. Honeywell has created a powerful tool for customers to significantly improve maintenance efficiency and redirect expensive resources to high priority corrective maintenance," said Dean.

This enables the accelerated cultivation of automated services into today's industries. Enabled services offer two varieties of support. The first being Enabled Services Enhanced which is suitable for more complex and fully connected systems and the second being Enabled Services Essential which is suitable for non-connected systems.


Through their efforts, Honeywell is aiming to ensure the overall health of control systems and increase the efficiency of automated systems.