IDEC Upgrades Switches and Relay Sockets with Push-in Technology

February 16, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

Recently, IDEC introduced its “push-in” technology into its popular HW series of 22mm switches, pilot lights, and relay sockets.

IDEC is integrating push-in technology into its product ranges, including the 22mm switches, pilot lights, and relay sockets.

IDEC Corp manufactures control and automation components. They develop various control components including pushbuttons, pilot lights, PLCs, sensors, motion control products, and more.

They develop these products for a number of industries including food & beverage, oil & gas, material handling, and robotics.


Video courtesy of IDEC.


Many other IDEC products already utilize the new connection technology, including the CW series of switches, RU series of relay sockets, FC6A industrial controllers, and the HR6S series. 

According to IDEC, the continued integration of push-in technology will benefit industrial systems with faster installation time and better reliability and improve safety in installation and provide smart solutions.


IDEC Push-In Technology Range

While the use of push-in connectors can decrease the time to set up an industrial system, this technology is only practical if available to a wide range of products. Push-in connectors are available in various IDEC products, including switches, pilot lights, and controllers.


IDEC's new push-in switch range. Image courtesy of IDEC.


Entire industrial systems can be constructed using a single brand, single connection type, all in a significantly shorter time than those using other connection methods.


What is "Push-In" Technology?

Push-in technology is a relatively new method for connecting cables to systems. Push-in connectors use a small spring-loaded contact that acts in a similar way to a one-way valve. 

A wire is pushed into the connector, which pushes a small metal contact back. The spring design means that if the wire is pulled back out of the connector, the connector bites harder onto the wire, thus securing the wire in place.


The CW series of switches. Image courtesy of IDEC.


IDEC's push-in technology also integrates a release mechanism that pushes the internal spring-loaded contact back to remove the wire. The connection technology has been approved for industrial environments, including shock, vibration, and mechanical force. 


Advantages of Push-In Technology

Push-in connectors can be quicker to install and use compared to screw terminals. These kinds of connectors do not leave potentially live terminals exposed to tools and equipment. For example, screw terminals can be potentially live and easily accessible with a screwdriver. 

IDEC's system doesn't require the use of any specialized tools for stripping wire or releasing wires from connectors. This allows for easier efficient installation so making alterations to a system can be done on-the-fly.

IDEC has also reduced their connectors' size to make them highly compact, with some being only 3.5mm wide.