Igus Creates New Line of Space-saving Double-shaft Stepper Motors

February 24, 2024 by Damond Goodwin

Igus has released a new line of double-shaft stepper motors. The motors are designed to save users money and space with the ability to drive two linear actuators in a single, compact device.

The worldwide manufacturer of plastics for motion, Igus, announced the release of its latest innovation: double-shaft stepper motors designed to complement the company’s drylin linear technology. The new motors offer several advantages over single-shaft motors, including saving users money and space by reducing the number of motors needed in a system.


Igus dual shaft stepper motor / double shaft stepper motor drives two linear actuators in a single compact motor

The new dual-shaft stepper motors drive two linear actuators in a single, compact motor. Image used courtesy of Igus


With its new dual-shaft stepper motors, Igus is offering companies an introduction to automated solutions for precise linear control applications. Igus looks to give automation users a practical solution for transfer stations, format adjustments, and various other applications. The motor enables three key benefits to users: space savings, enhanced control through manual manipulation, and manual adjustment possibilities in the event of power failure.


Igus Dual-shaft Stepper Motors

Igus’ new motors offer users enhanced capabilities and cost savings. Stepper motors are often used for precision control applications. They are capable of making small, accurate movements, giving them a unique ability to ensure the precise movement of different pieces of equipment within an automated cell or wherever they are used. 

The double-shaft stepper motors from Igus are IP65-rated and pair easily with Igus’ drylin actuators. The motors are designed for use in various applications, including packaging, industrial automation, and 3D printing.


Igus’ new stepper motors have dual output shafts to save users on space and costs compared to traditional single-shaft motors. Image used courtesy of Igus


One Motor, Two Mechanical Loads

Igus has improved space management with the dual-shaft motor by positioning it between the axes on dual-axis drives. This positioning offers greater space savings compared to the traditional method of motors on the outside of the linear axes. The new motor also reduces the number of motors used from two to one, cutting motor cost in half since a dual-shaft motor is the same price as a comparable single-shaft variant. In addition, the single motor further brings costs down by reducing the amount of necessary couplers. 

Igus’ dual-shaft motor can include an optional hand wheel on the second shaft end when used in single-shaft applications, allowing users to precisely adjust the linear axis manually for calibration. The hand wheel is also useful to adjust self-locking screws in the event of a power failure. This feature is valuable in applications where the motor is used for doors and entrance paths. 

Igus NEMA 34 double shaft motor is largest option, producing 5.9 Nm of torque

The NEMA 34 is the largest stepper motor option, producing 5.9 Nm of torque. Image used courtesy of Igus


Motor Installation Sizes

By developing one motor that can drive two mechanical loads, Igus seeks to save users space and money. The new double-shaft stepper motor is available in four sizes to fit different power needs. The four dual-shaft motor sizes and their torques include:

  • NEMA 17 (0.5 Nm torque)

  • NEMA 23 (2.0 Nm torque)

  • NEMA 24 (3.5 Nm torque)

  • NEMA 34 (5.9 Nm torque)