Honeywell’s Enterprise Software Aims to Transform Metering Operations for Gas Industry

November 23, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

Honeywell released its latest enterprise software, Measurement IQ Optimise (MIQ), for remote management.

Engineers often face significant challenges in monitoring and recording meters, sensors, and controllers. 


Challenges Faced with Meter Monitoring 

Assuming that the worksite is safe, workers are also tasks with recording accurate readings from gauges and sensors. According to Honeywell, an uncertainty of 0.5% in an ultrasonic gas measurement system can add up to $1million in lost revenue over a year. 

Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic make it increasingly difficult for workers to attend machinery and meters for proper monitoring and maintenance.


The MIQ Platform

Honeywell recently released its latest enterprise software, the MIQ Optimise, understanding the growing need for remote monitoring systems. MIQ Optimise is a platform that allows remote monitoring of gas meters, gas chromatographs, and other assets that work with Honeywell’s MIQ range. 


A user demonstrating the new MIQ Platform. Image courtesy of Honeywell


The MIQ Optimise can collect real-time data and analyzes the data to provide diagnostic information and determine device health from each asset. 

As a result, MIQ Optimise can provide early-warning alerts over potential downtime of assets to provide engineers with the ability to coordinate repair and maintenance work to minimize losses. Honeywell’s MIQ Optimise is not solely for the use with Honeywell assets.

Assets from other major manufacturers are also supported, potentially eliminating the need to replace hardware.



How Can the MIQ Optimise Solution Help Engineers? 

The MIQ Optimise platform can allow engineers to remotely monitor meters and other assets without being on-site. This promises to reduce risk to site workers.

The MIQ Optimise platform being browser-based means that most devices can interact with the system, including Windows, Apple, Linux, and Android. This also removes the need for specialist hardware. Remote workers can all access the same assets globally. 

MIQ Optimise is also aimed at removing uncertainty in measurements to minimize losses. One feature of the MIQ Optimise is to help engineers detect irregularities in measurements and detect measurement drift.

The ability to detect these early on allows engineers to plan downtime of meters and other assets to coordinate repair efforts that minimize cost.


An industrial gas facility. Image courtesy of Honeywell


“Measurement IQ Optimize provides the first vendor-agnostic, enterprise-wide view of the health of metering operations. From a single pane of glass, users can identify their key sources of measurement uncertainty, the value at risk and what they can do to reduce it”, mentioned Max Gutberlet, offering manager, gas software and solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions.

The ability to remotely monitor equipment improves working conditions for monitoring the site and allows increased automation and monitoring. 

The use of internet-enabled technologies and browser-based platforms not only allows for compatibility with most devices, but it also allows for workers to live remotely and to work from anywhere around the world.

This opens opportunities for workers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where access to work is increasingly difficult and can be unsafe.