Newly Released: Exclusive Robotics Textbook

July 14, 2023 by David Peterson

The engineering team at has written a brand-new textbook section explaining the fundamentals of robotics, explaining the most recent innovations in industrial, collaborative, and mobile robots. is proud to announce the publication of a new textbook volume called “Fundamentals of Industrial Robots.” This new book is designed to present the topics of modern robotics in a clear, fully illustrated manner that can provide learning for beginners as well as insight into the most recent innovations for long-time robotics users.


Industrial, Collaborative, and Mobile Robots

The new textbook is divided into distinct content sections for industrial and collaborative robots, explaining terms, definitions, uses, and kinematics for each kind of model. As automation engineers already know, industrial robots have a much longer legacy, and the technology is fairly well understood, from typical 6-axis arms to SCARA and other systems. Cobots, on the other hand, only appeared on the scene a few short years ago. The two types bear many similarities, but also many critical differences from their industrial relatives.


New Control robotics textbook

Sections of the book include the types of robots as well as additional resources to designing and programming them.


The book also covers mobile robotics, explaining the unique challenges faced by these designs as they enhance the world of automated logistics and material handling. When the robot is free-roaming, the topics of battery life, object detection, and payload hauling change drastically from fixed articulated robots.

Important sections that were published also include attention to robot end-of-arm tooling (EoAT), kinematics that help to define the tool centerpoint (TCP) motion, and the ever-important subject of robot safety.


Colorful Illustrations from Actual Robotic Applications

The pictures that clearly illustrate the various concepts and tools are carefully selected by our team from those taken at recent trade shows, industry installations, and classroom settings. Although learning about robots through hands-on training is critical for a true understanding, this book will give a great visual baseline of knowledge on which to build for future learning.

With a well-rounded portfolio of represented brands, you can see many of the design similarities that are shared across manufacturers, and perhaps even a few key trademarks that make some robots stand out in the crowd (did I mention bright colors?).


Designed for Engineers, Students, and Teachers

The book was written with the intent of providing factual information and details to an engineering audience, perfect for those in the field or in the classroom. If you are attending an engineering school (anywhere from high school to university), this book can give you a clear picture of robotics in the real world.

Instructors, are you looking for free access texts to provide to students that give them an honest look at what to expect from robotic jobs and careers following graduation? This book is perfect for classes or as supplemental information to build on your own outstanding classes.


Robotics textbook from

The Control textbook is available online for anyone to use for free.


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