Nook’s Linear Actuators and Product Selection App Aim to Help Engineers With Motor Control

August 19, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

Linear motor manufacturer, Nook, recently expanded their latest line of explosion-proof actuators and developed a new web-based app for product selection. 

Who is Nook? 

Nook is a US-based company that develops and manufactures linear motor systems. Nook was founded in 1969 and has grown since, now with a 115,000 sq. ft facility. They produce a wide range of motors for different sectors of the industry. 


Nook's line of linear actuators. Image used courtesy of Nook Industries


All aspects of the product development and design stages occur in the same facility, which Nook claims can help to ensure quality communication between all steps. The company also aims for this type of centralized manufacturing location to increase supply chain flexibility, lower transportation costs, fewer dependencies on third parties, controlled manufacturing processes, and faster responses to changes in designs.


The Latest Explosion-proof Linear Actuators

Recently, Nook announced the latest edition to its linear motor products, with an explosion-proof linear actuator. These motors are specifically designed for use in explosive atmospheres where tight regulations and controls must be followed to prevent ignition. These atmospheres include alcohol, benzene, gasoline, and flammable chemical liquids commonly found in process manufacturing. 


The latest explosion-proof line of actuators. Image used courtesy of Nook Industries


The new linear motors have certification in multiple areas including ATEX-R2014/34/EU, ISO 80079-37:2016, and Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances.

The maximum length for the new motor range is 6000mm for the ELZex range, 3000mm for the ELFZex range, and a maximum surface temperature of 125°C. The repeatability accuracy of all motors is ±0.1mm while having a maximum transverse speed of < 1m/s. The technology used in the linear motor is based on toothed belts and roller bearings that can help to reduce lash and belt tension.

The linear motors are available in a variety of lengths and drive properties to allow for more customization. Nook hopes to achieve this maximum customization with the Modular Linear Accelerator Tool.


The Modular Linear Actuator Selector Tool

Choosing the right linear motor technology and setup is entirely application-dependent, which is why Nook aims to have a wide selection of components. The Modular Linear Actuator Selector provides users with a web-based app that breaks down a linear actuator system into each design step. For example, the first stage of the web app asks the user whether they are looking for a multi-axis or single-axis solution. 


The interface of the web-based product selection tool. Screenshot used courtesy of Nook Industries


From there, users can enter the length and force of the actuator. After defining the requirements for a linear motor system, the web app automatically searches the Nook database for appropriate actuator solutions. It presents a list with their technology type, guidance, cost, and usage environments tabulated. From there, users can enter the length and force of the actuator.

Nook hopes these tools may help engineers save time and use the appropriate product for their specific application. Cross-checking can be condensed into a single five-minute session instead of gathering multiple sites and search results, leaving more time for designing and construction. 

Designs that utilize such selection tools are more likely to be successful as they ensure that the appropriate products are used in a given application. Overall, Nook designed the Modular Linear Actuator Selector tool for any engineer who frequently uses linear accelerators and might need help with product selection options.