OnRobot Launches 2FG7 Gripper for Demanding Applications

December 03, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

Automation tool expert, OnRobot, recently announced its newest parallel gripper, the 2FG7.

This gripper is an IP67-rated, all-electric parallel gripper with a compact size that can handle larger payloads.


The OnRobot 2FG7 gripper is used for both cleanroom settings and harsh environments. Image courtesy OnRobot.


OnRobot has engineered the cleanroom-ready parallel 2FG7 gripper that has been engineered to handle payloads up to 11 kg and is ready to use out-of-the-box. In the last month, OnRobot released their all-electric sanding tool, the OnRobot Sander, and before that, an intelligent screwdriver.


Basic Specifications of the OnRobot 2FG7

The OnRobot 2FG7 parallel gripper is designed to a maximum payload of 11 kg with a gripping force between 20 N and 140 N. It also has an external grip range up to 73 mm and a small footprint of 156 x 158 x 180 mm. In short, it combines a powerful gripping force with a small footprint.

It is also fully electric and powered by an integrated electric motor rather than being pneumatic-based. This can make it easier to program stroke, speed, and force with high precision. The finger-position resolution is 0.1 mm with a gripping time of 200 mm/s. The precision of the 2FG7 grippers is also enhanced by intelligent feedback that includes lost-grip detection.


Special Features of the OnRobot 2FG7

The OnRobot 2FG7 is ISO Class 5 compliant, making it cleanroom certified and ready for use in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries. It is also rated IP67, which is one of the highest levels of ingress protection. 

It has complete protection against dust, airborne particles, water, and liquids. The gripper can be immersed in water up to one meter. The water and liquid protection also mean that it can handle frequent washdown. In addition, it also complies with ISO/TS 15066 with regard to collaborative robot cell risk assessments which means that users can rest assured that it can be used safely.


OnRobot parallel grippers are compatible with all major robot brands, including ABB, Nachi, Omron, Doosan, Fanuc, and Universal Robotics. Image courtesy of OnRobot.


Due to the force range and length of stroke, the 2FG7 gripper can also be repurposed for different tasks. It can also be redeployed on light industrial robotic tasks as well as major collaborative applications, which means that it also supports high-mix/low volume production.



The OnRobot 2FG7 gripper is designed for machine tending and material handling. It is compatible with all major light industrial robot arms and cobots. In addition to being cleanroom certified, its IP67 rating means that it can handle even the harshest of manufacturing environments. 

The compact footprint and gripping power of the 2FG7 grippers allow it to handle heavy, bulky payloads even in tight quarters.


The 2FG7 parallel grippers are the latest addition to OnRobot’s product line of plug-and-play automation tools.