Opto 22 Moves Towards Large-Scale IIoT with Groov EPIC Updated Firmware

November 13, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

Opto 22, an industrial control product and IoT manufacturer, debuted their most recent firmware.

Opto 22 recently released their Groov EPIC 3.0 firmware, with features for building system controllers. 

In a generation where most industries rely on technology for system control and management, this new firmware is designed for various applications. IIoT capabilities allow remote and real-time management and troubleshooting. 


Groov EPIC Designed for Multi-System Management

This product was designed for managing multiple different systems, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when mitigating person-person contact is prioritized. The Groov EPIC is designed for critical data integrity for industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing.


The Groov EPIC system. Image courtesy of Groov EPIC


The Groov Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC) is built for industrial management systems. The EPIC shares data through databases, cloud connectivity, and other modern communications by utilizing its Ignition Edge network.

This enables the device to feature a device firewall, VPN, encryption, and user authentication, potentially reducing downtime and preventing cyber attacks. The Groov EPIC will run c, c++, java, Python, and other Linux based coding languages.


Built for Industrial Environments with ATEX Compliance

The capabilities of the unit are operational in hazardous locations and include ATEX compliance. The system has an operating range from -20ºC to 70 ºC. The system features stainless steel I/O chassis and an industrial quad-core ARM processor with a solid-state drive.


Remote access mitigates downtime. Image courtesy of Groov EPIC


The system doesn't require a separate computer for troubleshooting or configuration and can handle multitasking. Since a controller like this is meant to handle thousands of connections, a dual independent Gigabit ethernet work interface is utilized. 


Version 3.0 Firmware Features

One of the key features from this firmware release is remote access and control. The Groov EPIC 3.0 software improves network capabilities and eases troubleshooting and maintenance work orders. This software still retains Ignition/ignition Edge 7.x licensing, according to Opto 22. The firmware update now includes an improved Node-RED version that restores, archives, and backs up data simple for remote systems. 

MQTT/Sparkplug B is improved and makes communication between items operating through the EPIC better. The update now enables up to 96 PID loops without having to program them in. The firmware allows any industrial control languages that meet IEC 61131-3 standards. The update includes all of these features and comes with free product support from the manufacturer product support group. 

Overall, this product aims to reduce administrative and financial overhead by being an integral system. Opto 22 states that all Groov EPICs will be shipped out loaded with version 3.0 Ignition 7.9.16 already loaded. They will also be updated through Groov’s website. 

Any company that purchases the Groove EPIC controller and upgrades to Ignition edge 8.0 should also be aware that Opto 22’s partner, Inductive Automation, has adjusted the licensing for the firmware product to be more affordable.