POSITAL Debuts New Products Including Encoders and Measurement Devices

December 15, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

POSITAL recently added to their encoders, measurement display, and Wiegand sensors for implantable devices.


POSITAL is a division of the FRABA group and focuses on designing and manufacturing motion control products. They specialize in encoders, inclinometers, linear position sensors, and accessories.


Ethernet IP for Encoders

An encoder is a device that tracks the position (in degrees) of a shaft. Encoders are typically used on servo motors or stepper motors if they require a greater degree of accuracy.

Normally, an encoder requires a special input interface to a control system to decode the signals to display engineering units for an engineer or technician. The required interface is no longer needed if a Fieldbus like Ethernet/IP is used.


The new encoders. Image used courtesy of POSITAL


This not only saves time installing the hardware but also saves time programming. The Ethernet/IP Fieldbus allows the manufacturer to include diagnostic data like temperature warnings or acceleration levels and a prescaled value for rotation.


POSITAL’s single-cable connectivity for BiSS line kit encoders. Image used courtesy of POSITAL


Single Cable Connectivity

POSITAL has added to their kit encoders, which are barebones encoders for OEM and motor manufacturers. They have added a One-Cable technology for a BiSS line.

BiSS (bidirectional serial synchronous) is an open-source digital communication protocol that creates a secure link between a controller, sensor, and actuator. The BiSS protocol is similar to a serial protocol. However, with BiSS, the signal is in a digital form and provides device power all on a 2 or 4 wire cable.

The end-user can simplify installation, maintenance, and reduce the component count by using a standard single cable. Using the BiSS interface could potentially ensure the encoder will be using a maintained and standardized protocol. 


POSITAL Displays for On-Site Measurements. Image used courtesy of POSITAL


Digital displays can be very useful when a single device needs to display its value easily. POSITAL makes measuring devices, so it's only natural that they also provide a device to display the value their sensors are measuring.

POSITAL digital displays are designed for POSITAL encoders, inclinometers, and linear sensors. The displays come in three different input styles: analog, SSI (synchronous serial interface), and incremental.

Each variant of display offers a different configuration of outputs, including relay (programmable), digital output, analog output, and a combination of digital and analog outputs. Using a display with an output, a controls engineer can also use the data from the device in the control system and display the value without additional programming.

In addition to these encoders and measurement devices, POSITAL also just released a Weigand sensor.


Wiegand Sensors For Implantable Devices

A Wiegand sensor is a magnetic sensor that does not require external power. Wiegand circuits can be found in most modern bank cards and credit cards.


POSITAL’s Weigand sensor. Image used courtesy of POSITAL


The UBITO Wiegand sensor will produce a consistent electrical pulse whenever the external magnetic field polarity switches. This pulse can be used as a wake-up pulse to passive circuits or as POSITAL suggests to charge implanted devices through the body.

The sensor uses low-frequency electromagnetic waves to transmit small amounts of current without damaging human tissue.

POSITAL is hopeful that these new products will help control engineers and technicians with their measurement and calibration tasks. Their new encoders and sensors hope to address some of these key pain points.