Quanergy Unveils New Smart LiDAR Solution for Industrial Automation

November 30, 2021 by Damond Goodwin

How is new LiDAR technology being integrated more into industrial applications?

Who is Quanergy?

Quanergy is based in Sunnyvale, California, and they focus on smart 3D solutions for automotive and internet of things (IoT) applications and OPA-based solid-state LiDAR sensors. Quanergy was founded in 2012 and has experience in optics, photonics, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence (AI) software, and control systems.

The company uses AI to create light detection and ranging (LiDAR) systems in the hopes of speeding up the automation processes in different manufacturing sectors. 


Video used courtesy of Quanergy


Their goal is to help businesses increase productivity and streamline factory processes with Quanergy’s products. Quanergy hopes to provide insight into many industries, including industrial automation and transportation, security, mapping, and smart facilities. They recently launched a new edge controller called the M1 Edge Smart Solution


The New M1 Edge Smart Solution

The new M1 Edge is a smart 2d LiDAR solution that provides customers and end-users with LiDAR detection that doesn't need additional programming. The system uses a proprietary smart detection system that can collect, analyze, and interpret LiDAR in many different industrial and security applications.

The M1 Edge is capable of being used as an obstacle detection system for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or automated mobile robot (AMR) systems. Once mounted on an automated vehicle, the M1 Edge can be used for obstacle detection and area monitoring. The system automatically maps out obstacles and updates information as the vehicle moves along its course. 


The M1 Edge Solution. Image used courtesy of Quanergy


M1 Edge also has advanced security capabilities for different applications. Users can set up different detection zones within the detection range of the device. When something enters a detection zone, the output will be triggered as an alarm. It has a total of 8 pre-configured evaluation fields, each containing three different detection zones. The evaluation fields are selected through the sensor's digital output. 

“After evaluating Quanergy’s latest product M1 Edge, we are excited to deploy this low cost, 2D industrial sensor. It solves real world industrial sensing applications by combining simple to use software vision tools with a high resolution LiDAR array. We know of no other outdoor rated sensor that has both the range and resolution of the M1 Edge,” mentioned Neil Jacques, President of In-Position Technologies. 



The M1 Edge offers customers a valuable tool for LiDAR-based detection with AI-powered capabilities. It can be used on mobile robots for collision detection and makes for an effective security solution. 

Quanergy offers a unique solution for stationary and dynamic applications to create simple alerts when something enters the monitoring area. It comes rated IP67 for harsh environments and accurate sensing for up to 200 meters in a 360-degree radius. 


Some examples of how the new component works in various industrial applications. Screenshot used courtesy of Quanergy


In industrial applications, M1 Edge aims to enable reliable monitoring for level and height sensing applications, including tank level monitoring, object stacking, and fill level detection. Quanergy has managed to offer a new product to today's market with the hopes of bringing its customers and partners a way of increasing productivity, efficiency, and profit.