Siemens and SAP Combine Digital Innovation Efforts to Accelerate Industrial Transformation

July 21, 2020 by Damond Goodwin

Siemens and SAP recently joined forces to create a complete system to aid in the acceleration of industrial transformation.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Each company brings years of experience in their respective fields. Their joint effort helps to merge business and technology closer together in the manufacturing sector, giving customers more value than either company could offer individually. It will help to finalize software solutions for end to end manufacturing, eliminate process and information silos, and help manufactures digitalize, creating a complete solution for the fourth industrial revolution.

Siemens Digital Industries (DI) is a leader in innovation for automation and digitalization. They offer an end to end set of products and services to help customers digitalize their entire value chain. As an introduction to the new collaboration, Siemens will offer the SAP Intelligent Asset Management and SAP Portfolio and Project Management software as part of its package. This gives manufacturers a more integrated way of increasing business value for operators and manufacturers across networks. 


Siemens manufacturing planning. Image courtesy of Siemens


SAP is at the forefront of enterprise application software. Their products help companies of all sizes run more efficiently. As much as 77% of the world’s revenue runs through a SAP product. The power provided by building intelligent businesses is possible because of SAP’s machine learning, IIoT, and advanced analytics. Offering these products in conjunction with Siemens technology makes for extremely efficient business and management systems. Siemens’ Teamcenter software will serve as the core foundation for product lifecycle collaboration in order to move forward with half of the joint effort.    


A True Digital Thread

The partnership opens up the possibility for a true digital thread, fully capable of eliminating information silos between departments. This digital thread will provide the necessary benefit of asset management and collaborative functions between operators and manufacturers. The combination of SAP and Siemens gives manufacturers a distinct advantage in the manufacturing process by allowing them to change product specifications and product development in a shorter amount of time. This leads to cost savings and a superior product end result.   


Siemens digital manufacturing. Image courtesy of Siemens


A true digital thread also helps to greatly reduce information silos between departments in a manufacturing company. Silos often lead to costly time loss and inefficiency, as different sectors of the company use outdated information, or are unaware of new developments in the product, or process. Siemens and SAP’s new package eliminated most silos within the company by increasing efficiency in communication and asset management. 


Combining Software

With industry 4.0 approaching, companies that do not integrate new technology for analyzing assets, product development, and communication efficiency will be at a large disadvantage to those that utilize management and communication technology. Both SAP and Siemens processes have helped many companies become more efficient and helped to lower costs for customers while improving products for manufacturers. The combination of their software makes for a more complete analysis and communication tool capable of keeping up with the fast-paced modern manufacturing environment.