Siemens Focuses on Closing the Skills Gap with New Education Initiatives in Automation

October 08, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Siemens is launching training and apprenticeship programs to help young engineers and students jump-start their careers in industrial manufacturing.

In the last few years, Siemens has been developing educational resources to provide early career professionals and students with the necessary skills and knowledge to take on Industry 4.0. 

Electrification in the transport sector and the digitization of manufacturing facilities are increasing the demand for skilled workers. The next generation of workers needs to adapt and push forward the transition into smart manufacturing for industry 4.0

Siemens just launched educational training programs and apprenticeships to facilitate the development of this workforce of the future. 


Developing Resources for Next-generation Engineers

The EV market has seen growth in the last few years in the global race to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through more sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies for emobility.


Siemens is offering various training programs designed to help students and young engineers jump-start their careers in industrial automation. Image used courtesy of Siemens


Siemens has ridden the wave and doubled its eMobility business with the EV market over the past year. Siemens is endeavoring to provide opportunities for the next generation of workers to gain specialized skills in the EV industry. Siemens is actively encouraging applications for manufacturing, R&D, and engineering roles. In addition, they’ve already launched an apprenticeship and training program.

Siemens’ workforce initiatives include the creation of hundreds of jobs to support its mobility and manufacturing portfolio. This portfolio includes positions in its training and apprenticeship programs, and positions at its two existing manufacturing hubs and expanded manufacturing operations in the United States.


Partnering with Educational Institutions 

Siemens is now partnering with Wake Technical Community College (WTCC) to launch a new apprenticeship program. The state-approved, ApprenticeshipNC-registered program was launched at Siemens’ eMobility manufacturing hub in Wendell, North Carolina. Siemens is also partnering with the apprenticeship program NCTAP. This is also an apprenticeship program based in the North Carolina Research Triangle area. Siemens intends to help develop the program and recruit apprentices.


siemens education

Siemens is teaching students about simulation and digital twinning technologies. Image used courtesy of Siemens


The Siemens eMobility Experience is a multi-year training program launched alongside the apprenticeship program to provide early-career professionals with skills for the industrial manufacturing industry. 

Young learners can expect 90-day rotations in roles across R&D, manufacturing, and product management. Students can expect to further develop their skills in software and hardware engineering, embedded systems, cloud platforms, mechanical, and operational.

Last month, Siemens Digital Industries Software Academic Partner Program gifted the University at Buffalo (UB) an in-kind grant to access the latest software tools for getting to grips with product lifecycle management, computer-aided design (CAD), robotics, simulation, manufacturing planning, and more. Siemens will also collaborate with UB to build a curriculum focusing on preparing students for high-demand roles in the industrial sector. 


Diversity in STEM Education

Siemens hopes to encourage students and young engineers in the emobility and industrial space and diversify learners as well. Recently, the corporation donated 300 Chromebooks to Georgia Youth Science & Technology Center (GYSTC) as part of its laptop donation program, which was launched earlier this year.

In a news release, the Head of Siemens IT Americas, Deborah Forssman, commented, “At Siemens, we believe technology can be used to help promote equity, including accessibility to educational resources.” Deborah Forssman added, “We’re thrilled to support GYSTC with these Chromebooks to help students receive the learning, support, and guidance they need to succeed.”


Siemens believes it's important to help the next-generation of engineers gain the skills they need to push automation. Image used courtesy of Siemens 


In the same news release, the Executive Director at GYSTC, Amanda Buice, said, “When children from the most challenged communities have equal access to basic learning technology, our core values are realized.” 

Siemens is facilitating the growth of an electronic and digitized society by building upon and consolidating the skills of learners and workers for an eMobility and industrially focused workforce of the future.