Bringing Artificial Intelligence and Collaborative Robotics Together

December 06, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

Techman Robot aims to save manufacturers time and money through the use of artificial intelligence with its AI Cobot series that includes smart vision, improved pick and place, and a built in AI interface.

AI has increased its relevance in the robotics and automation industries in recent years. It has found its place among different systems necessary to run effective automated machinery. Many companies are looking to move their factories and manufacturing capabilities into the world of Industry 4.0 manufacturing, and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology is often an efficient way of doing this.

Techman Robot AI Colaborative Robot

The all-in-one Ai Cobot Series from Techman Robot brings Industry 4.0 to manufacturing processes. Image used courtesy of Techman Robot


All-in-One AI Cobot Series

Techman Robot has recently announced its latest robot series, the AI Cobot. The collaborative robots feature a fully integrated and usable AI-based functionality to help manufacturers bring Industry 4.0 to their manufacturing processes. 

Cobots are interactive robots capable of working directly with humans on the factory floor or in whatever application they may be required in. Techman’s AI Cobots are a precision cobot with a powerful payload. In order to reduce the time for factories to reach Industry 4.0 standards, the cobots were developed with a built in AI inferencing engine. In addition, a smart vision system is included in the AI Cobots, making the complete package ready for quick deployment in industrial settings. 

Techman Robot AI Cobot Series

A look at the AI Cobot Series from Techman Robot. Image used courtesy of Techman Robot


AI-based Vision and Applications

Techman has developed their latest cobots to be smart, simple, and safe for the benefit of end users and developers alike. AI-based vision helps the cobot by improving vision capabilities and reducing computation time. The use of AI is also powerful in improving accuracy and reducing pick and place times for a variety of applications. Techman hopes that their unique AI capabilities will benefit a multitude of manufacturing applications including:

  • AMR 

  • palletizing

  • welding

  • semiconductor manufacturing

  • product manufacturing 

  • AOI inspections 

  • food service preparation 


Techman Robot

The AI Cobots come with a software package to help with integration, programming, and upkeep. Image used courtesy of Techman Robot


Cobot Software

The Techman AI Cobot series provides customers with a comprehensive software package, for ease of use from the day the cobot is unboxed. The software package comes with many different software options to help with the integration, programming, and upkeep of the cobot, including:

  • TM AI+ Training Server

  • TM AI+ AOI Edge

  • TM Image Manager

  • TM 3DVisionTM

Techman has also improved the payload capabilities of their cobots with their largest bot being able to handle a 25 kg payload.


AI in Robotics

Techman Robot is a leading AI robotics design and manufacturing company that brings Industry 4.0 to their customers through its line of AI-powered cobots. Industry 4.0 has the power to benefit manufacturers with the use of smart data across their entire manufacturing process, regardless of location. The Techman AI Cobot includes smart vision, improved pick and place, and a built-in AI interface. Techman hopes the new technology will save manufacturers time and money through the use of AI for better efficiency and ease of use.