Rockwell Automation Unveils New Allen-Bradley Motor Control Centers

October 01, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Rockwell Automation released the new CENTERLINE 2500 Motor Control Centers with SecureConnect technology.

The CENTERLINE 2500 Motor Control Centers are available in 2 to 10 modules and are the same size as a standard unit. Rockwell said the new motion control centers are designed for offshore oil and gas applications due to their enhanced safety features.


Reducing Exposure to Electrical Hazards

The CENTERLINE 2500 units are developed to help reduce exposure to electrical hazards. The units reduce exposure by disconnecting power from the vertical power bus in an individual unit with the door closed.

In addition, the handles on the exterior of SecureConnect units have four operating positions that are connected, test, disconnected, and released. To increase safety even further, a plunger near the handle can also be locked out.

CENTERLINE 2500 IEC Low Voltage MCC. Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation.


These features are part of Rockwell Automation’s SecureConnect Technology.  These solutions aim to minimize live electrical work permits and maintenance by removing voltage from the line side of the unit. By separating the equipment that needs servicing, the technology reduces unplanned downtime and helps reduce damage to adjacent operating equipment.


Designed for Off-Shore Oil and Gas Operations

These control centers are built to help centralize motor control in these oil and gas operations. Different designs are available for fixed units, where there are limited floor space and withdrawable units for fast replacement.

The units also optimize column space due to high unit density, and the CENTERLINE 2500 offers a variety of intelligent motor control options.


CENTERLINE 2500 IEC Low Voltage MCC. Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation.


In terms of connectivity, the new units have a built-in EtherNet/IP network that provides real-time data to minimize the approach to the MCC. They also feature built-in DeviceNet technology designed and tested to ODVA specifications to ensure reliable communications.

The new series is compatible with Rockwell Automation’s IntelliCENTER software, a solution developed to provide live access to operating data and troubleshooting to reduce downtime.


IEC-Compliant Units 

The CENTERLINE 2500 Motor Control Centers feature ArcShield Technology to reduce arc flash hazards and provide increased protection against internal electrical arcing faults.

The new units from Rockwell also offer personnel and assembly protection per IEC/TR 61641:2014 and provide access in accordance with IEC 61892 for offshore oil and gas sectors.

For context, the 61641:2014 technical report from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) describes the ability of components to limit the risk of personal injury and damage.

The IEC 61892-7:2019, on the other hand, is a document that describes some of the requirements for areas that classify as hazardous. This IEC document also discusses the selection of electrical equipment and installation in hazardous areas in mobile and offshore units.

Satisfying both requirements, the CENTERLINE 2500 Motor Control Centers are ideals for a series of applications where internal electrical arcing faults are likely to occur.

For more information about the new units, you can check out the CENTERLINE 2500 documentation and specifications.


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