Unlocking Efficient Intralogistics with KUKA’s KMP 600-S diffDrive

February 19, 2023 by Bob Odhiambo

KUKA has recently released the KMP 600-S diffDrive for intralogistics. The mobile platform is designed to be efficient and speedy in material handling, with an added safety advantage of 3D object detection and laser scanners.

KUKA is widely known across the globe for providing solutions to industrial automation, from robotic systems to production systems. Recently, the company released the KMP 600-S diffDrive, a mobile solution that meets the current industrial needs and standards in intralogistics.


KUKA's KMP 600-S diffDrive automated guided vehicle AGV for intralogistics

KUKA's KMP 600-S diffDrive for safe and efficient use in intralogistics. Image used courtesy of KUKA


The KMP 600-S diffDrive Mobile Platform

The KUKA KMP 600-S diffDrive is a next-gen automated guided vehicle (AGV) system used in production intralogistics for high-speed support with a 600 kg payload capacity. The mobile platform is designed to effectively work in adverse industrial environments and act as a safe alternative for safety fencing, giving employees the freedom of movement throughout the work processes.

Through 3D object detection and laser scanners, the KMP 600-S diffDrive provides high accuracy in positioning during its operation process. It helps avoid collisions which further ensures the safe and efficient handling of goods.


KUKA's 600-S diffDrive features

The KMP 600-S diffDrive features eight safety zones at the both the front and end. Image used courtesy of KUKA


For the initial environment teaching, SLAM algorithm software is used. This software is known as KUKA.NavigationSolution. The software manages the fleet and uses parameters like speed and distance to determine the route network for efficient navigation of the entire fleet.

The mobile platform is equipped with eight safety zones that can be configured independently to ensure the safety of employees. These zones are located in the front and rear of the machine to maximize safety in its operating environment.

Additionally, the KMP 600-S diffDrive is IP54 rated. The IP54 rating protects the mobile platform against dust ingress (5) and water splashes from any direction (4).


KMP 600-S diffDrive mobile platform has eight safety zone for independent configuration

KMP 600-S diffDrive mobile platform has eight safety zones that enable independent configuration. Image used courtesy of KUKA


KMP 600-S diffDrive Applications

The past solutions for intralogistics may not meet the needs of a production environment that requires efficient, reliable, and fast movement of products. The KMP 600-S diffDrive offers a solution by presenting a powerful mobile platform that can handle high payload capacity. The platform also provides a flexible option in its operation. It is designed for use in:

  • Material handling: The mobile platform has an integrated lifting system that can lift materials in an industrial or domestic setup. 

  • As an AGV system: The machine can act as a top-load for AVG systems to provide high-speed support.

  • Warehouse operations: The platform's safety features, flexibility, and high-speed support make it ideal for warehouse operations.

  • Manufacturing facilities: The mobile platform's IP54 design allows the equipment to endure adverse conditions making the platform suitable for manufacturing facilities.

  • Supply chain management: The platform can be linked to various workstations, making it ideal for supply chain management.


Industrial Intralogistics

With the new KMP 600-S diffDrive, KUKA takes another step towards leading the way in automation systems. The mobile platform's compact design and key focus on safety aims to drive the next generation of industrial intralogistics.