Virtual Paper Mill Set to Use Digital Twinning Training Software to Safely Streamline Paper Production

May 19, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

Valmet is using digital twinning training software to train employees on a virtual paper mill.

Digital twinning refers to creating a digital copy of a physical system, whether a single piece of equipment or an entire production line. It is already finding use in the oil and gas industry and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. 


Using digital twinning, Valmet is making sure employees are ready to efficiently and safely operate the paper mill production line systems being installed at the Mondi CSP mill in Slovakia. Image used courtesy of Valmet


Valmet, known for its process and automation technologies, uses digital twinning to help employees of the Mondi SCP paper mill be ready to efficiently and safely start working on newly installed Valmet production lines for their paper mill. 

Valmet’s Virtual Paper Mill

In 2018, it was announced that Valmet would be providing OCC (Old Corrugated Container) and OptiConcept M containerboard making lines for the Mondi SCP mill located in Ružomberok Slovakia. All the equipment and machinery have now been delivered. Valmet will take advantage of the time before startup to train Mondi’s workers on the new production line using digital twinning training software.

Valmet set up the virtual paper mill—a digital twin—to support training and interaction for operators and other personnel. Users can freely move in the immersive 3D setting and work with the simulated machinery, leveraging virtual reality technology to be fully prepared to use and maintain the paper mill production line equipment as soon as it is installed. 

It includes embedded 3D videos, visible dangers, and pop-up notifications related to the equipment and is configured to match Mondi SCP’s environment and surrounding facilities.

Valmet Extended Reality Learning

The virtual paper mill is made possible through Valmet’s Extended Reality Learning platform, which combines virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences using VR (virtual reality) and MR (mixed reality) headsets with tablets and smartphones. 


As part of Extended Reality Learning, Valmet has a Virtual Plant platform customized, as alluded to earlier, to reflect the customer’s facility environment, machines, and processes. In addition to training, this platform can also be used for remote collaboration, design review, preplanning, and maintenance.

Valmet’s Extended Reality Learning Platform is scalable to support training on a single piece of equipment or an entire paper mill. Image used courtesy of Valmet

Benefits of Digital Twinning

Employees trained using the digital twin paper mill will experience hands-on training with machinery simulated to duplicate the actual equipment and machinery. This leads to a far more efficient knowledge transfer and more competent paper mill employees. 

Training on a digital twin also results in a faster, smoother startup for the equipment because the operators and maintenance technicians are far more familiar with the machinery and production lines than they would be with more traditional training techniques.

In addition, such training reduces safety risks not only through the knowledge they gain but also through interactive training and interaction in a virtual environment designed to simulate their actual work environment.

Digital twinning for training is applicable to many industries and applications beyond pulp and paper mills. It is an excellent approach to training technicians and operators on individual machines and equipment and complex production lines or processes. Expect to see more companies including digital twinning and virtual reality as part of their knowledge transfer process and process automation.