Vol. Fluid Systems
Chapter Introduction to Continuous Pressure Measurement

Introduction to Continuous Pressure Measurement - Overview

In many ways, pressure is the primary variable for a wide range of process measurements. Many types of industrial measurements are actually inferred from pressure, such as:

  • Flow (measuring the pressure dropped across a restriction)
  • Liquid level (measuring the pressure created by a vertical liquid column)
  • Liquid density (measuring the pressure difference across a fixed-height liquid column)
  • Weight (hydraulic load cell)

Even temperature may be inferred from pressure measurement, as in the case of a fluid-filled chamber where fluid pressure and fluid temperature are directly related. As such, pressure is a very important quantity to measure, and measure accurately. This section describes different technologies for the measurement of pressure.

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    if i have continous real signal (4-20 ma) from pressure smart sensor, so to get high precision should i choose input module with high resolution? then i should use instruction ladder to make scaling of signal but. so what i do to this signal to make my pc to read this signal by modbud tcp/ip with saving of real signal in high precision.

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