Accessing database values from RSView32


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Jeff Sizemore

I want to import product codes from an Access database, and assign them tagnames to track them throughout a process. I'd like to know if anyone has done this using the VBA environment provided by RsView. And if so, any examples would be greatly appreciated.

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yes jeff,
we did the operation pointed out by u, infact we received the values from outside world on modbus communication and dumped the same into RsView database by using VBA editor, is it amazing...but there is some sort of bugs with RsView as well in this becomes a l'll bit unstable after doing this operation..but still serves the purpose...

send in any more querries...

Vipul Joshi

Rajesh Agravat

I have some different type of application rather it is same because i am sending the codes from rsview to the msaccess database, trigger the vba code on the rsview tag_change event, and in the vba code take the required code from the access or any database through 'ado' and assign that
value to integer tag in rsview, and set the datalog over that tag is requirement is so. if u are doing directly through the visual basic 6.0
application than that will be more stable solution.

hope u will find this information useful.

rajesh agravat