Cable for Micro 84 to a PC?


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Is there a cable that will connect my PC using prowox Nxt to a Micro 84 PLC? What is the Cable #? Thanks for any input.....

Fernando Capelari

Are you talking about the 984 Modicon Micro family of PLC's, those which part numbers are 110CPUxxxxx?

If so, the Modbus communication port of that PLC is a RS232 with a RJ45 format.

You can order from Schneider one of these RJ45 cables:

110XCA20301 - 1m
110XCA20302 - 3m
110XCA20303 - 6m

plus the RJ45/DB9 adapter 110XCA20300.

This is the same kit used to program the Modicon TSX Momentum PLC.

If you need any other assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

Fernando Capelari
Schneider Eelctric Brazil
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The Micro 84 was obsolete before I started supporting Modicon products. I do not know of any computer based programming software that will
communicate to it.

The original programming device was the P370 hand-held programming panel, although the P190 CRT programming panel could also be used.
If you are referring to the Micro 084 that had nine or 18 networks maximum, then there is not a software to communicate available. A Company
Called DNC used to make a software for that controller. I use a P370 Handheld to communicate and program or save the programs.
I do appeciate the info Jim. I don't think that I want to deal with the monster P190. The other can be held in the hand at least. I have dealt with AB alot but am having to learn Gould, Modicon products now.
I used chatgpt to write ladder logic for a micro 84. I’m too far removed from ladder logic. Can someone look at it to see if it makes sense? It’s a very short program