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Mihir Ramkrishna

I have tried exporting data through ODBC in MS ACCESS successfully. I am unable to export to MS Excel. Please help.
Open the 'start menu', 'Programs', 'Rockwell Software', 'RSView32 Tools'. then , 'Database Import/Eport Wizard'.

Dialogue Box, "Select the type of database you want to import or export"

The drop down menu will show "Export RSView database to CSV files".

Dialogue Box, "Choose the RSView project that contains the database you want to export."
Click on 'Next'. Enter the path to your project, or click on the '...' browse button and browse to the correct path. Click on 'Next', or 'Open' (no browse, or browse to project).

Dialogue Box, "Specify names for the destination files"

In this box you can select or deselect, Tags, Alarms, or Data Log databases for export. You can specify paths and file names for all three, or browse to a path.

To complete the process click on, 'Finish'.

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Rafael Becerra

What kind of info are you exporting?
How are you exporting? (Using vb for apps?)
Or are you configuring the historicals to log on ODBC database, and cannot get results with Excel?

I'm not sure if this is applicable to RSView or to Intouch: With one of these, you can open the historicals data files with excel. Did you tried it before?
You Got me right.I have configured the historicals to log on ODBC database and cannot get results with Excel. I am able to get the results in MS Acess.. Please help...