GE Fanuc 18-MA Cnc PLC Eprom Mods


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I need to modify the PLC code on
the Series 18-MA and an 18-TA controls. I am aware that the code is on eprom (1 or 2? type?) but have never done this before. I have used the same kit (different fapt S/W) to modify the code an a Series 0-MC, I guess the process is similar?

I believe I have the correct fapt-ladder software and eprom burner & cables (bought from Fanuc years ago when purchasing the machine tool)

I would appreciate any advice, guidance, procedures, do's and dont's etc. from anyone who has done this before.

Regards, Richard.
Thanks Drake,

I will send an email to support in the 'States' For some reason, after looking at the GE Fanuc UK website, I felt that there was no 'mechanism' for free advice from GE Fanuc. It looked as though everything had to be paid for!

Regards Richard.
'Support' in the 'states' said I must contact Ge Fanuc UK but I cannot find a support email address for them, any ideas?