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i have several aluminum melting furnaces that i am looking for a devices to measure molten aluminum. anyone have any luck with this or know any manufacturers?


Many of the radar level manufacturers can do this measurement. The people who have done it the longest are Thermo MeasureTech. (They used to be known as TN Technologies or CannonBear for radar level). Larry Kolbert, who lurks on this list, is the person to talk to there. It might also be that laser level systems would work, too.

Walt Boyes
The only devices I have seen have been custom designed. Floats (which require regular maintenance) and devices designed on a "bubbler" level principle.

Anthony Kerstens

Based upon recollections from some steel plants I've visited and courses I've taken way back, I think there are non-contact neutron source level sensors for that job.

Basically, you place a neutron source above the
material in question, and place a neutron detector
below. The level is then correlated from the known
source, the known neutron cross section of the material and the number of neutrons counted by the sensor, which I expect is looked after by the associated electronics. I don't know if there is any temperature sensitivity to the process, but with the extreme temperatures you're likely working with it bears looking into.

I'm not sure who makes these devices, but I'm sure
you can find them on the web. Needless to say, these sort of sensors are one of the reasons why all product leaving steel mills must pass through radiation detectors.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
Dear Mr Wand--
Try gamma ray level indicators. Only these will work at that temperature.
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Davis Gentry

I had good luck in the past with three different
One) The old fashioned way - put a float made of refractory material on the end of an LVDT - measure the output of the LVDT to get level.
Two) Sentech (on a quick net search can't find it any more - good luck) has a capacitance based non contact molten metal level sensing system.
3) Selcom ( has a laser based non contact molten metal level sensing system.

All of the above work in various applications.

Davis Gentry
previously of Reynolds Metals Company, R & D

Vladimir E. Zyubin

Hello List,

Other questions for Brian may be:

resolution/accuracy you need?
is there rotation? If so, the following series of questions:
what is the range? what is the point you need measure? etc.

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