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Problem PH sensor.

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Since i use PH sensor in Waste water about 3 sets
PH sensor consist 1.Preamplifier 2.Electrode.
i use in open tank and submerge sensor by bulb always submerge and this sewage is waste water from Chemical and Biological Treat, cable slipe about total 10-15m.
Temp of Water about 29-32 Calcius.
(First) i install it which it ok, but 2 days later it show check sensor.
i remove it and i think it occur because junction between preamplifier and electrode wet.. i let it about 2 weeks then i install it again(Second) ,it work i very happy.
but 2 days ago i find it check sensor again.
i remove it comeback and i check it immediately it not work(all of 3 sets)(bulb is clean) . i let it about 1 years later by i check it again it ok(in lab) but PH value is little error (i nevermind).
(Third) i install it again by i shield juntion very good. i confident it water proof absolutely. but it same answer 2 days later it check sensor.

I will explain my procedure checked PH sensor .
1.Check bulb it clean.(OK)
2.Check Cable of Preamplifier (OK)
3. Check EMI Electromagnetic Interference (little or not)
4. Check Junction between Preamplifier and bulb that are it dry and clearn (when i came it immediately it not work but if i let it about 2-3 weeks it work again but in Third install i very firm in my shield junction between Pream and bulb)

Somebody know what it problem.
can help me .thanks.