problems with RSLinx professional using as DDE IO server


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Hello Dear friends,

I tired communcation on DF1 serial and i had used RS-Linx Porfessioanl as an I/O server for Intouch but i found the communcation speed is slow and RS linx gives me DR-Wastson error if i have 4 or 5 dde topics talking to wonderware at same time so is there any solution where i can optimise this error or increased my communcation speed how do i do this pls suggest me



Yosi Feigenbaum

First of all, don't expect stellar performance from serial protocols. Regardless, you shouldn't be using DDE since RSLinx is an OPC server. You should have WW read data this way (you'll have to change the point addresses in WW) but the throughput will be much better.

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Marco A. Rodriguez, P.E.

DF1 is slow by nature. For faster communication, you need a fast communication protocol such as Ethernet's TCP/IP. Of course, Ethernet needs a well segregated control network. Do not put the intouch hmi and the rslinx server PC in the same network as your business network.

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I have found that using the WWRSLinx driver on the Intouch I/O works quite well. WWRSLinx would where you create your topic(s). In RSLinx, you will need to configure 1 client application which WWRSLinx will reference. You will not need to configure any topic in RSLinx.

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Jack Wilson