ABSOPULSE Launches New Line of Fully Encapsulated DC-DC Converters

September 02, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

How can you control the output voltage of a DC-DC converter in an industrial environment?

DC-DC converters are tools used for power conversion and are designed to convert a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another. These converters are very common in control systems operations as engineers need to adjust output and voltage levels. 

ABSOPULSE Electronics is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs heavy-duty, industrial-grade switch-mode power conversion products. They recently debuted their latest line of DC-DC converters for industrial applications. 


ABSOPULSE Announces a New DC-DC Converter Series 

ABSOPULSE recently debuted their latest DC-DC convert range, the PC 250-HAS-P59. The new range provides a maximum power output of 250W and accepts a wide range of input voltages (24VDC, 48VDC, and 125VDC). The range also provides a range of output voltages, including 12VDC, 24VDC, 36VDC, 48VDC, and 72VDC. 


The 250W fully encapsulated DC-DC converter. Image used courtesy of ABSOPULSE

Users can customize the input and output voltages to fit many applications which allows them to be integrated into industrial and factory settings.

The PC 250-HAS-P59 provides both line and load regulation of 1% regardless of the output load (up to 250W). It also has a minimum efficiency of 80%. Multiple circuit protection methods are integrated, including output short circuit, current limiting, thermal limiting, and overvoltage. The supply is filled entirely with a MIL-grade thermally conductive silicon rubber rated at UL94V-0 flammability.

The operating temperature of the PC 250-HAS-P59 is -40°C to +70°C. These operating temperatures make these suitable industrial environments, while the full encapsulation helps to provide immunity against shock, vibration, dust, salt, and other environmental contaminants. 

The power supply is DIN rail mountable, enabling its use in PLC enclosures, and the dimensions of the supply are 127mm x 97mm x 231mm. 


Understanding Convection Cooling Methods

Heat removal in power electronics is a critical factor to consider due to the negative effects of heat on electronics. 

Many solutions rely on active cooling techniques such as air cooling, which forces air overheated components, and water cooling, which draws heat from a component using a heatsink that internally has cool water passed through it. While active cooling is effective, installing in water cooling can be difficult or cause complications (i.e., dust on air filters).

Passive cooling is a common cooling solution, as it does not rely on mechanical parts to operate or require any maintenance. However, creating a passively cooled device can be difficult if large amounts of heat are dissipated.


Heatsink assembly with fins for HSA-P59 packages. Image used courtesy of ABSOPULSE


With ABSOPULSE's PC 250-HAS-P59, the power supply uses entirely passive cooling requiring no additional maintenance or installation. Using a filled cavity with thermal silicon helps draw heat away from power devices while the back plate is attached to a specifically designed heatsink for the unit. 


Heatsink Cooling Applications of the New DC-DC Converters

Designs and dimensions of the heatsink are given to provide convection cooling, but the drawings of the heat sink do not show DIN rail connectors. However, the heatsink does come with clips so that the power supply can be DIN mounted, and these are visible in the product photo for the PC 250-HAS-P59. As the unit is convection cooled, it must be installed horizontally to allow hot air to rise and draw in cooler air naturally. 

According to the datasheet, the PC 250-HAS-P59 is suited best for use in a wide range of industrial environments, including transportation, mining, oil rigs, and other harsh environments. 


An oil and gas facility where these DC-DC converters can be used. 


Such applications are only possible thanks to the use of a filled cavity and passive cooling, as these environments create dust and volatile compounds that would otherwise affect other electronics. ABSOPULSE's range of DC-DC converters are RoHS compliant making it applicable to the EU market, and the PSU comes with a two-year warranty under proper use. 


Featured image used courtesy of ABSOPULSE.