Antaira’s New DC-DC Converters Boost Power for Network Devices

June 07, 2023 by Seth Price

Antaira released two new DC-DC converters capable of producing more power to drive multiport switches, commonly equipped with power over Ethernet (PoE), using a standard industrial line voltage.

Antaira’s latest DC-DC converters are designed to support modern multiport network devices, which draw higher currents than the devices produced a few years ago. As more sensors and controls are added to an automation system, many of which are now powered directly over the Ethernet line (PoE), the need for higher port counts also means the need for more power to handle the heavier load. With Antaira’s new DC-DC converters, power can be boosted to 480 watts (DTD-480-0953-T) or 360 watts (DTD-360-0953-T) output.


More Power for Industrial Networks

Expanding an automation system requires more than simply adding ports to network switches, hubs, and other hardware. Simply buying a 24-port system instead a 12-port system can lead to all sorts of problems, especially if all 24 ports are expected to be active at the same time. Depending on the quality and engineering that went into the design, it is likely that these devices will have a power management system on board that limits which ports get power at a time. This works for some slower automation systems that do not require all of the ports to be active simultaneously.


Antaira DCDC Converter

The new Antaira DTD-480-0953-T. Image used courtesy of Antaira


However, today’s automation devices require quick data collection for path determination during high-speed motion, lightning-fast decision-making capabilities and other such challenges. Without proper power management, the network hardware may not supply power to certain ports often enough, simply because there is not enough power to distribute across the many ports.

As more devices and higher speed devices are brought online, the power demand increases. This is the problem that Antaira has solved. By supplying an adjustable 48-55 V output at higher power levels, more power is available for the network hardware to supply to the numerous ports.


Antaira DC-DC Converters

The newest DC-DC converters by Anataira come in two varieties. The DTD-480-0953-T is capable of producing 480 watts of output, and the DTD-360-0953-T is capable of producing 360 watts of output (for reference, at a nominal 53 volts, this yields approximately 9 amps and 6.8 amps, respectively). They also have their own power regulation and monitoring system internally to handle poor power quality situations. This includes short circuits, overloads, reverse polarity conditions, and other such incidents.

Intended for installation inside the industrial control cabinet, the DC-DC converters accept a voltage range from 9 to 36 volts DC input. This is designed to work alongside the common 24 volt power supplies, but also allows use inside 12 volt systems (such as alternate energy battery-powered infrastructures) when necessary.

Besides the power ratings, the DTD line is built with the industrial environment in mind. Ruggedized to withstand vibration and also rated to IP30, and capable of operating in temperatures from -40 C to 75 C, these DC-DC converters can handle the demands of heavy industry. Both are designed to be mounted on standard DIN rail, making their installation into most automation systems quite simple. Furthermore, the DC-DC converters themselves are compact enough to install in tight spaces, giving the automation engineer more flexibility in design.


Antaira's DC-DC converter

The new Antaira DTD-360-0953-T. Image used courtesy of Antaira


Power and Automation: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

As long as there is a need for more sensors, actuators, and controls, there will be a need for more ports, and thus more power to prevent fanout and power loss at the devices. Antaira has recognized that need and designed the next generation of DC-DC converters to handle current automation needs as well as those that will be present in the near future.