A3 Vision Week Set to Showcase Imaging Technologies for Industrial Automation

June 07, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) kicks off A3 Vision Week starting today.

The online conference starts today and will run until June 10th. The conference will feature several speakers and virtual exhibitions. The event will focus on industrial applications and uses, particularly vision, imaging, sensors, and AI.


The A3 Vision Week

The three-day vision conference will feature presentations from various speakers and cover the latest advances in sensors, vision-guided robotics, and AI-enabled vision

“Whether you are just getting started, or are looking for more advanced solutions, Vision Week has something worth your time,” reads the organizers’ webpage.


A graphic showing the information for Vision Week. Image used courtesy of A3


The A3 Vision Week event will also have a virtual Sponsor Showcase section on the site to allow users to connect directly with companies via text chat, audio call, or video meeting.

“A3 Vision Week is the best opportunity for companies in every industry to get insight into their processes, their data, and to learn how advances in vision technologies will increase productivity and improve product quality,” commented A3 President Jeff Burnstein.


Fostering Imaging and Vision Solutions in Industrial Automation

More than 30 industry experts will participate in A3 Vision Week, with keynote speakers covering different imagining technologies in automation scenarios. Many of these keynote speakers include people from Amazon, Universal Robots, ATI Industrial Automation, Cognex, NVIDIA, and more leaders in vision and inspection devices. 

Today, Aaron Prather from FedEx, Erik Nieves from PlusOne Robotics, and Carl Gerst from Cognex will discuss vision and sensing in logistics and e-commerce.


Cognex will showcase some of their latest vision systems at the conference this week. Image used courtesy of Cognex


Also happening later today, Anant Patel from Amazon will hold a keynote about automating quality inspection with computer vision, and Stacy Shulman from Intel will discuss how machine vision applications are advancing AI in medical imaging. Tuesday, June 8th, will feature a keynote roundtable about AI and intelligent vision for factories featuring David Austin from Intel, Daniel Bibireata from Landing AI, David Dechow from Integro Technologies Piyush Modi from NVIDIA.

Finally, on June 10, keynote speakers Darcy Bachert from Prolucid and Eric Danziger from Invisible AI, focusing on the future of vision and imaging. The full schedule of the event is available online on their website. 


Registrations and Sponsorships

According to A3, over 2,000 international attendees will participate in Vision Week, including companies focusing on vision and imaging technologies, system integrators, machine builders, OEMs, and more.

Registration is free and can be completed through the A3 portal. Several imaging experts also sponsored the exhibition, including Basler AG, Elementary Systems, Midwest Optical Systems, Prolucid Technologies, Smart Vision Lights, TPL Vision, and Zebra Technologies, among others.


A Vision guided robot (VGR) assisting in industrial inspection. Image used courtesy of the Association for Advancing Automation


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the event, A3 has set up a page to submit your inquiry.

Sponsorships cost $5,000 for A3 members and $7,500 for non-members. The A3 Vision Week is only one of the events organized by the Association, together with the A3 Business Forum, the Automate Show, and The Vision Show.

What do you think about A3 Vision Week, and will you attend the event? Let us know in the comments down below.