Remote Ambient Air Monitoring with Cost and Size in Mind

November 29, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

Managing temperature and humidity is crucial to preventing damage in control cabinets and to manufacturing equipment. Banner has created the S15S sensor for use with cloud monitoring, giving manufacturers more efficient environmental control.

Banner Engineering has created a new compact and cost effective sensor designed to monitor ambient air quality for use in the automation industry. What exactly is an ambient air monitor and why is it important to robotics and automation? An ambient air monitor performs two functions that are vital to control panel operation: the measurement of humidity and temperature.  


Ambient Air Monitoring 

These two variables are often a source of problems in control panel management because temperature directly affects how different components in a panel perform. If the ambient temperature in the panel is too high, the components can be damaged, if the temperature is too low, energy efficiency suffers. In addition, temperature affects the dew point of air, and low temperatures in humid locations can create water condensation inside of the cabinet. With this in mind, Banner has worked to improve ambient air sensors for increased humidity and temperature control capabilities. 


Banner Engineering S15S Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Banner's S15S Temperature and Humidity Sensor for ambient air monitoring. Image used courtesy of Banner Engineering


Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Banner recently released the S15S temperature and humidity sensor designed to monitor the operating environment for sensitive electrical equipment. The sensor helps to provide manufacturers with remote monitoring capabilities. Banner designed the sensor with cost and size in mind, creating a compact and cost effective, machine and electronics environmental monitor. 

S15S connects to Banner's DXMR90-X1 controller

The S15S sensor can connect via a direct line to Banner's DXMR90-X1 controller. Image used courtesy of Banner Engineering


The S15S is meant to fit into new and already existing systems using industry standard equipment. It is connected to the control system via Modbus RS-485 protocols. It can connect directly to a DXM controller or via a direct line to a controller such as the DXMR90-X1. The DXMR90-X1 can be used for data sharing and connection to the cloud using Banner CDS. The data can also be sent to an HMI, PLC or SCADA, as temperature, dew point, and humidity.  


Real-time Monitoring

Banner CDS is a cloud service for manufactures that provides cloud storage, data management, data visualization, and notifications that can all be used in conjunction with a Banner DXM controller. The Banner CDS helps manufacturers with data management and monitoring for different manufacturing processes including tank level monitoring, temperature sensing, humidity monitoring, electrical motor monitoring, and more. The CDS cloud services are available to customers as a subscription that can be bought on Banner's website. 


S15S works with Banner CDS Cloud service for real-time monitoring

S15S works with Banner CDS for real-time monitoring. Image used courtesy of Banner Engineering


Increased Operational Efficiency

The Banner S15S is designed in a compact manner, capable of fitting into areas other sensors may not fit, coming in at 73.7 mm long with a 15 mm barrel. The sensor can be directly linked to a DXMR90-X1 controller port via an M12 connector. In its standard configuration, the sensor features an aluminum grill filter cap. The filter cap can be upgraded to a stainless steel cap for situations involving extremely dusty environments. 

Operational efficiency has been increased because the sensor easily connects into the cloud, PLC, HMI, or SCADA connected inline with other sensors. Once the sensor is fully integrated into the controller, it can be monitored via cloud services. The cloud services give manufacturers the ability to monitor the temperature, humidity, and dew point either on location, or remotely based on a Banner cloud subscription.