Beijer Electronics’ Latest HMI Software Includes SCADA and OPC UA Support

July 26, 2021 by Shawn Dietrich

Beijer Electronics’ HMI software lets users interface with multiple HMIs, connect with various PLCs, and now utilize VNC and OPC UA communications.

Beijer Electronics released an SP6 update to their iX HMI software. Beijer Electronics produces supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and human-machine interface (HMI) software, along with cloud-based communication solutions and servo drive hardware


An engineer using the iX HMI software. Image used courtesy of Beijer Electronics


Beijer Electronics has been updating its line of HMI and marine monitors. Earlier this month, a new update to the iX HMI development software was released, promising BoX2 (IIoT gateway) support, updated components, and OPC UA bug fixes. 


iX HMI Software

HMIs are found everywhere in modern society. From the ATM to coffee machines, even cars have a touch screen that interfaces with automated equipment. 


The iX software can use data from multiple HMIs. Image used courtesy of Beijer Electronics


The HMI development software is where the controls engineer gets to scratch their creative itch.  It’s within the HMI development software where we make the connection between humans and machines. Beijer’s software has an entire library of features from pre-established components, alarm display, data logging, and drivers for just about any PLC offered on the market today, plus tag browsing and a tag import function. Some of the other features are as follows.  

  • Alias Tags: The iX software can create alias tags, meaning one screen can be created and used for multiple situations. Station override screens are a great example; developing one station can provide the framework for all other stations.  
  • Online/Offline Simulation: When developing controls software, one lingering question is, “will it work?” Simulating the HMI application online with live tag data or offline ensures the application will work as expected.
  • C# Scripting: This feature allows the engineer to build in custom functionality or import third-party objects. More automation companies like Festo or B&R Automation are using web-based interfaces. Utilizing C# objects allows the user to leverage existing web browsers and embed a web interface into the HMI application. 
  • Fully-integrated Alarm Manager: Alarms are a way to report something wrong within a system. Most HMI software on the market today have some kind of alarm manager, but iX can see and acknowledge any alarm reported within the same network from multiple HMIs.
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Transfers: Some HMI development software requires having a licensed copy of the software to transfer or update the runtime file. With iX Developer, an FTP link is set up so that anybody with a PC and free FTP software can update the runtime file. 


SP6 Upgrades

Beijer also offers IIoT all-in-one gateways (BoX2), allowing access to machine data from any remote location. One of the new upgrades in SP6 supports BoX2 variations, allowing virtual network computing (VNC) connection and prepopulated screens. 

Another part of the SP6 upgrade is a large list of OPC UA bug fixes. Most PLC brands today support OPC UA and Beijer is also taking advantage of the open communication protocol.  Because OPC UA is an open protocol, advancements continuing to transition to the protocol.  Beijer strives to stay ahead of the game by ensuring its software communicates with the most recent upgrades.