Cybersecurity Platform Integrates with Asset Management to Help Enable Digital Transformation

November 18, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Industrial cybersecurity solutions provider Dragos has released a new integration of its platform featuring ServiceNow capabilities.

The cybersecurity platform update will enable Dragos and ServiceNow customers to expand the visibility of industrial controls systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) assets when undergoing digital transformation initiatives.

The unified platform will also help manage risks to protect their core business, as well as facilitate adherence to compliance programs.


Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation

From an organizational standpoint, Dragos is a cybersecurity partner company focusing on providing protection specifically against industrial cyber threats

Based in Maryland, United States, Dragos was founded in 2016 by Jon Lavender, Justin Cavinee, and Robert M. Lee. In less than six years, the firm has raised more than $364 million to develop cybersecurity solutions for industrial automation.

The Dragos Platform is the business’s flagship product and can analyze multiple data sources, including protocols, network traffic, data historians, host logs, asset characterizations, and anomalies to provide visibility of ICS/OT environments.


Some of the capabilities of the Dragos Platform. Video used courtesy of Dragos


The software suite can then enable customers to manage the full lifecycle of specific vulnerabilities in their environment, including showing historical dispositions. In addition, the Dragos platform includes expert-authored playbooks to guide security teams throughout investigations and can be set up flexibly via virtual deployment options.


The ServiceNow Platform

ServiceNow, on the other hand, is a company developing innovative ways of improving workflow across different industries via artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics tools. The cloud-based platform does so by making predictions, automating repetitive tasks, as well as generally digitizing workflows, and allowing them to be run at scale.

The ServiceNow Platform is also often used in security operations to manage incident response cases and service desk tickets. ServiceNow also provides cross-enterprise integrations for its solutions and services to facilitate deployment within external ecosystems.


The ServiceNow Platform’s dashboard. Image used courtesy of ServiceNow


According to their website, the ServiceNow Platform currently counts 6,900 global enterprise customers, which altogether includes nearly 80% of the Fortune 500.


Partnering on Manufacturing and Digital Transformation

“Dragos recognizes digital transformation is both a cyber and operational problem,” explained Matt Robie, Senior Business Development Manager of Dragos.

Following the beginning of the collaboration, the ServiceNow and Dragos platforms will be integrated within a single ecosystem. According to the company, the joint solution will now help manufacturers safeguard and manage their OT systems across manufacturing operations with a single action system.

In addition, ServiceNow users will now utilize the Dragos Platform to automatically reveal nontraditional enterprise assets, such as industrial controllers, thus helping drive accurate asset inventory for firms working toward IT/OT convergence. It will also enable ServiceNow users to make better-informed workflow decisions based on the asset type, locations, and function, eventually delivering improved overall efficiency.

With this partnership, Dragos and ServiceNow hope to provide better security options for their customers, especially those using ICS and OT. Since OT is particularly more vulnerable to cyber threats, it is important to keep these technologies secure.