Eaton Releases New Universal Marshalling Solution With Plug and Play

May 18, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Eaton introduces a single cabinet smart universal marshaling solution that enables more efficient use of control room space and saves on installation costs.

Power management specialists, Eaton, deliver energy-efficient products and services to its customers for the effective management of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power. With an ongoing purpose to help businesses manage their systems so that they are more reliable, efficient, and safe, the company has adapted and recently created a new solution, the MTL SUM5.


A Space-Saving, Cost-Effective Solution

Process applications are being reinvented now with Eaton’s MLT SUM5. The innovation is able to reduce the distributed control system (DCS) marshaling cabinet requirements by 30 to 50%. This means a drastic reduction in project infrastructure costs. 

Controllers can benefit from a marshaling system that incorporates five marshaling functions into one configurable and standard design. These include signal conditioning, relay interfaces, loop disconnect, surge protection, and intrinsically safe isolators. Usually, process and plant managers would need to have four separate cabinet designs to utilize these functions. 

This forward-thinking single cabinet solution by Eaton eliminates the need for complex wiring to connect different components. The small size of components and various mounting options account for a high packing density (512 or 768 I/O channels per cabinet).


Key Benefits

These factors coupled with the ease of plug-and-play configurable modules for the five key functions enables system controllers to save space in their control room, reduce uptime, and save on wiring, installation, and maintenance costs.
An intrinsically safe (IS) or general-purpose field terminal assembly (FTA) is available for signal conditioning, or pass-through installations. Controllers can switch between these options and set-up their system depending on the requirements of their application. This capability adds to the simplification of marshaling and enhances the flexibility of project operations. The isolator module is configurable for AI, AO, DI, and DO applications, provides channel-to-channel and three-port isolation. 



Eaton’s MLT SUM5 Universal Marshalling solution. Image used courtesy of Eaton.


Plant managers can benefit from the MLT SUM5’s configurable design during project execution if they need to add a surge protection module after a risk analysis. The modules can be added after installation and commissioning, allowing managers to save up-front costs where surge requirements are not known.

The MLT SUM5 cabinet equipment, I/O, and controller are protected by the surge protection module’s hybrid GDT and suppression circuit. This circuit has a fast response and a high surge current rating.


LED Indicators

Another key feature of Eaton’s marshaling solution is the presence of LED indicators that simplify commissioning and troubleshooting. Additionally, the cabinet’s comprehensive diagnostic system provides users with notifications when repair and maintenance are needed.

It operates at an extended temperature range (-40ºC to +70°C), which allows it to withstand harsh industrial environments. This durability and resilience are important for product longevity, and in the long term, can make a difference when saving on procurement costs.


Eaton’s solution is designed for ATEX, IECEx, and North American hazardous area requirements. This ensures safety for project managers and their employees.