Emerson Releases Digital Solutions for Erosion/Corrosion Monitoring and Operation Self-Assessment

March 26, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Emerson’s new suite of digital solutions enables operators to stay on top of plant maintenance and help businesses achieve optimum return on investment.

Emerson brought its customers a suite of digital solutions to assess and monitor corrosion or erosion risk for pipes utilized in oil and gas processing. The company has introduced its Plantweb Insight Non-Intrusive Corrosion application and Rosemount 4390 Series of Corrosion and Erosion Wireless Transmitters as part of its Plantweb digital ecosystem. 


emerson plantweb insight non-intrusive corrosion application
Emerson’s Plantweb Insight Non-Intrusive Corrosion application. Image used courtesy of Emerson


In addition to these solutions suited for customers in the oil and gas industry, Emerson released its new Digital Maturity Quick Index diagnostic tool to allow its wider network of customers to successfully execute a digital transformation roadmap. With this tool, Emerson aims to provide analytical insights into business operations for more targeted improvements. This can help make the best return on investment possible, provide dynamic adaptability to changing market demands, and allow businesses to maintain a competitive edge. 


Emerson’s Rosemount 4390 Series and Plantweb

Emerson’s Rosemount 4390 wireless transmitters provide users with real-time corrosion and erosion monitoring and management data. Emerson’s transmitters utilize wirelessHART sensor networking technology, which is based on the Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol (HART). This technology is proven to be secure, scalable, and cost-effective. 

When combined with inline probes instrumentation, users can retrieve data regarding pipe health and make quick decisions about the best action to take to mitigate damage. 


emerson rosemount 4390 series of corrosion and erosion wireless transmitters

Emerson’s Rosemount 4390 Series of Corrosion and Erosion Wireless Transmitters. Image used courtesy of Emerson 


The Plantweb Insight Non-Intrusive Corrive application allows users to access data regarding pipe thickness from sensors and inline probes. Users can analyze the conditions of assets or a plant in real-time and apply predictive maintenance where necessary to enhance plant productivity. 


Operations Self-Assessment to Enhance Growth

To help businesses on their digital transformation journey, Emerson released its Digital Maturity Quick Index. The index operates using Emerson’s Digital Transformation Roadmap with input supplemented from the industry-recognized BioPhorum digital plant maturity model and the Smart Industry Readiness Index

By combining information concerning company financials and business objectives, the digital tool can allow different organizations to compare themselves against one another. Companies can target areas of their business that may need substantial improvement and have the greatest potential for technological investment. 

The Digital Maturity Quick Index scores operational maturity across key areas, including safety, reliability, security, energy and environmental sustainability, production, systems and data, and organizational effectiveness. 

emerson digital maturity model quick index

A result displayed using Emerson’s Digital Maturity Model Quick Index. Image used courtesy of Emerson 


With the Digital Maturity Quick Index tool, Emerson hopes to help customers in their journey to execute a digital transformation roadmap addressing specific challenges. The company also anticipates the tool will support customers’ adaptability to dynamic market trends and provide a return on investment.

Emerson’s most recent digital solutions for the oil and gas industry can boost productivity by mitigating damage. In contrast, the Digital Maturity solution can increase productivity by comparing companies against each other. All of these digital tools could prove helpful in a growing competitive landscape.