Emerson’s Edge Solutions Helps OEMs Implement IIoT and Edge Computing

February 05, 2022 by Sara McCaslin

Emerson announces a new portfolio of solutions designed to address challenges and core issues control engineers face implementing edge computing for IIoT and Industry 4.0.

PACSystems Edge Solutions is Emerson’s new portfolio of industrial turnkey edge hardware and software solutions, serving as an IIoT (industrial internet of things) application enablement platform to aid in developing Industry 4.0 solutions that are data-intensive and scalable.  


Edge Computing and IIoT

Edge computing refers to a distributed framework for processing data as close to its source as possible, which results in low-latency, real-time access to data analyzed at the machine level. 


Emerson PACEdge System Solution toolset

Emerson’s PACEdge System Solutions supports edge computing via a cloud-enabled toolset. Image used courtesy of Emerson


There are many options on the market for edge computing software and hardware. And for many control engineers, it can be challenging to assemble an IIoT that can capture data at the edge and process it with deep analysis to provide actionable information for critical areas such as energy use, machinery health, and productivity. 

Emerson’s PACSystems Edge Solutions combines Emerson computing hardware with IIoT and edge software to reduce the difficulty of developing, implementing, and scaling edge solutions while allowing control engineers and operators intuitive, efficient access to the real-time data, analysis, and visualizations they need.


PACSystems Edge Solutions

Emerson PACSystems Edge Solutions uses a Connext OPC-UA server as the protocol gateway and Movicon. The latter serves as the supervisory platform. Emerson Movicon WebHMI supports local visualization of automation systems, and Movicon WebClient is used for remote visualization. 

In addition, the Pro.Lean software package can be integrated with this system to support lean manufacturing. Combined with other software packages, PACEdge can provide a cloud-enabled toolset that supports connectivity and visualization.  In addition, Emerson has made fit-for-use packages available to further simplify the process of implementing and scaling edge computing and IIoT.


RXi solution

RXi Solutions are fit-for-purpose packages designed to reduce the time spent developing, validating, integrating, and scaling IIoT projects. Image used courtesy of Emerson


Emerson RXi Solutions

Emerson PACEdge was designed with seamless scaling and interconnectivity in mind. The Emerson RXi edge solutions are one facet of this, allowing control engineers to easily move from pilot to enterprise implementation. Emerson RXi solutions include:

  • RXi HMI, providing the visualization of the most important aspects of machine operation
  • RXi Edge Computing, collecting the process data to use machine learning processes to gain valuable insights and determine improvements
  • RX3i Edge Controller, providing output controls to smart devices and allowing rapid process optimization
  • RXi Edge Analytics, a pre-configured set of analytic engines that can easily visualize important data, including energy use, machine performance, and accomplishment of performance metrics
  • RXi Supervisor, providing a comprehensive view of production operations by connecting production data and plant assets.

Products such as those found in the PACSystems Edge portfolio enable control systems engineers to quickly develop, implement, and scale edge computing solutions that support IIoT and Industry 4.0.